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Moving days can be fun. The kids running around throwing crumpled up pieces of paper at each other and screaming with laughter, your other half is pouring ice cold drinks for the movers before they begin the tasks of carrying one hundred boxes from one house into a van and then offload from the van into the new house and it all seems too much. 

But fear not, we have all gone through this, we have all survived and you will too, you just need to take it in your stride and let things fall into place naturally. The practice of moving home has been done for centuries, perhaps not as efficiently or as often as is in modern times but people have certainly moved from place to place.

The one piece of advice I have always heard from others is to find a reputable and reliable moving company, if you do this part right the rest is effortless. They help more than you may realize and can make the day a joy rather than an anxiety attack waiting to explode. 

Finding your movers.

Nothing says professionalism and competence than a business that has not only been operating for more than a decade but which has rave reviews and comments from clients and customers online and on the company webpage, and if this already sounds like a firm you want to use then keep reading. 

Industry experts will tell you that irrespective of how well known a brand is or how cheap the price is if customer service is not a priority your business will go downhill quicker than you can react. And firms who understand this such as Charlotte moving companies will have a reputation you can trust, client care you can rely on, and professional execution of a job that will make you want to move again just to instill their services(if push came to shove of course). 

The issue is finding that perfect fit and having the confidence that the company you have chosen can do the job right the first time around, and as we all know one chance is all we have. If things happen along the way an experienced manager will have a solution in place learned from their many years in the game, this is where you can have peace of mind you are in good hands. 


Now, the big question is, where do we download the generic checklist to tick off the boxes as we conduct our research to ensure we are making the right choice, well, there isn’t. But there are a few fundamentals to keep an eye out for when it comes to final decision time and appointment making and these will help to keep you on track. 

Some are more obvious and necessary than others, a few are more nit-picky, but when it comes to your belongings and personal possessions having enough checks can never be too much. Let’s see what are the top features and traits people believe helped them choose the right moving company to get them to their new destination.

Make Moving Easy And Swift With Professional Removal Companies
  • Recommendations. This is the best option if you have it to ensure you are working with a reliable company, knowing a friend or family member who has used them they will be able to tell you all there is to know about them, their service and etiquette, and if they were happy with their overall service.
  • Reviews. Reading their webpage will be a quick indicator for sure, but there is a trade website you can browse through showing the ratings and star reviews of businesses across all industries. You might think it is best to learn from experience but if you look here you will get a more in-depth look at why reviews can help and be important for a good business brand reputation. 
  • Licenses. Always check and ask for proof of licensing before signing any moving contract, if the firm is not licensed or insured do not bother using them. They may have excuses as to why they don’t have it and most likely this will reflect in the price, but if something goes wrong they have zero liability to you or your belongings and you will be the one coming off worse.
  • Rates. While it may be impossible to give an exact figure for the move as various factors can change at any given time or the movers may need to lift extra-large objects which will only be seen on the day, a rough estimate should be given. Ask them for this in advance so you are not thrown a curveball with an extortionate figure when it comes to payment.
  • Needs. We are talking about personal needs. Is the moving van available at the time and day that you need it, will the company have a removal van big enough to fit both your furniture and boxes, and will they have extra packing blankets and wrap available for moving day, or is this something you will need to source?

Certainly, there are a lot of elements to consider and keep in mind but these cover the gist of it, smaller components such as food and drinks for the workers can be ordered on the day or the day before if need be. 

All in all, you ideally want everything to go as planned, although life has its own ideas from time to time am I right, we can only do what we can do. It may or may not be stressful as we all manage situations differently but click this link for some handy anti-stress snacks and meals to have the night before and on the day to keep your mind and mood calm.

A final comment.

Embrace the moment, enjoy it for what it is and reinforce in yourself and in the minds of your family that you are off to a new home for bigger better memories and you have to chance to essentially start fresh, albeit with a simple lick of paint and some new ornaments.

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    It’s great that you mentioned that it is a good idea to check for proof of licensing before you sign a contract with a moving company. I would think that it could be a good idea to meet the members of the moving team as well. It would be important to be able to know the people that are coming into your home to transport your items.

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