Creative Ways To Organize Your Crafting Room

If you’re quite a crafty person, you probably already know just how quickly mess and disorganization can take over a crafting room. What’s more, there will always be new and exciting crafting tools and supplies out there, so crafting collections tend to grow enormously in a short period. 

Fortunately, we’ve listed some creative organization solutions that will keep your crafting room neat all the time. 

Use Label And Ribbon Printers

If you don’t have a label or ribbon printer, you’ll want to add these two handy gadgets to your crafting toolkit. While label printing is an excellent way to categorize your supplies, you can consider ribbon printing for a more creative approach. 

Get Creative With Glass Jars

Glass jars of all sizes are excellent storage solutions for a crafting room. There’s no doubt that among your crafting supplies are things like beads, glitter, buttons, leftover ribbons, and other items that can be stored in jars. Because glass is transparent, it’s ideal for these items as you won’t have to scratch through all your containers when you are looking for something. 

Organizing By Color

It’s challenging to organize a craft room, mainly because many things need a place. However, if you take the approach of organizing by color, you’ll find the challenge a lot less time-consuming. 

With this, you should organize by color with consideration to the items. So, sort fabrics by color, but keep all the materials in the same cabinet. 

Use Magazine Holders

There’s often a lot of paper and cards in a crafting room, and the best way to keep these organized is by using magazine holders. These storage items are ideal for storing papers and cards, and you can also organize by color to keep things aesthetically pleasing.

Add A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is the perfect storage solution for a craft room. Not only will you have a spacious work surface to indulge in crafting projects, but you will also have tons of extra storage space. 

Get An Over-The-Door Organizer

Over-the-door organizers are typically used in the kitchen to keep the pantry organized. Although, these organizers are also pretty valuable for a crafting room.

With this organizer, the space behind the door is not wasted, and you can neatly store things like wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons, and so much else. 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are also excellent storage solutions. With this shelving, you can keep your glass jars neatly displayed and ready to use. Alternatively, you can store anything else on here to add space to the room. 

A Separate Sewing Station

If you have been taking your sewing machine out of its storage space every time you need to use it, you probably already know how frustrating this can be. On the other hand, if you create a sewing station, your machine will always be ready to use, and keeping things neat will be a lot easier. 

With so many easy DIY crafts out there to try, crafting is an excellent hobby. This particular hobby even offers a few impressive health benefits, such as reduced stress, improved mood, and even a decrease in depression and anxiety.

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