6 Ways to Style Camo Print

From the runway to city streets, camo print fashion is on the roll. Thanks to designers like Nicole Miller and The Blonds, camo style is part of modern fashion with ready-to-wear outfits, head-turning styles, and edgy looks.

Let’s cover the latest trends on camo fashion with six of the top ways to style camo prints. We will cover camo leggings, boots, skirts, and other statement outerwear to find the best wearable trends that will change the way you wear camo prints.

6 Style Camo Print Techniques

Shared by Sanctuary, camo leggings are the best choice for casual wear because of their stunning colors giving the right combination of masculinity and femininity. Camo leggings are perfect for casual wear and dressy occasions.

But what about other camo-style clothes? Let’s check out six practical ways to style your camo outfits. This curated list will help you wear camo clothes and accessories with different articles of clothing. Find one that will match your style today.

Accessorize To Match Camo Designs

There are no hard or fast rules about wearing camo but if you were to ask anyone, it’s best to wear some accessories with this attire. You can’t deny that camo offers a masculine flair which is why it looks great on women.

With the right accessories, you won’t look boyish, plus, you can create a style that’s truly your own. For instance, wear subtle metallic jewelry instead of chunky plastic or leather. Use small cross-body bags rather than large carry-all bags. For footwear, we recommend classic high heels or ballet flats instead of unflattering boots and sneakers.  

Never Wear Camo From Head to Toe

Camo leggings are comfortable, versatile, and easy to use. Some love to wear camo leggings and other designs while relaxing at home. Camo jackets are great for traveling and providing cold weather protection. There are many reasons to wear different camo clothing, but you should avoid wearing it all over. Wearing camo should be limited to one clothing piece or accessory.

If you’re wearing a camo shirt, wear plain leggings, shorts, or jeans. For a pair of camo leggings, choose a white shirt or blouse. A camo hat like a trucker’s hat is an accessory but is best worn with clothes with a non-camo pattern or design.

Never Mix Camo with Animal Prints

Are you off to check the sights in town or is it hunting season? Wearing animal prints with camo is like preparing for the hunt. These two conflicting prints are just too busy to look at! Avoid mixing these prints and instead, wear camo with pieces with a solid color.

Also, animal prints may look classy but can add years to your age. This style will only make you look old. Better stick with simple colors and patterns when wearing camo.

Wear Camo Prints At Night

Most people think that camo designs are just for daytime but actually, this style was made to shine during nighttime. Pair your camo leggings with a basic white shirt and snap on some classic jewelry for a classy chic look. Also, a simple outfit such as jeans and a white tee will look awesome with a camouflage tote or clutch together with shiny accessories. How about a camo pencil-cut shirt together with a low-cut top? You’ll look cool and glamorous with this pair.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Skin

Don’t hide your fit and trim body underneath all that camo fabric! Look cool, chic, and fit by displaying some skin. Show your toned abs by pairing camo leggings or a camo mini skirt with a low-cut blouse or top. A camo jacket will accent your lovely long legs if you wear it with a simple mini skirt.

A flowing spaghetti strap top also matches camo leggings well. If you like this outfit, check out top tips to style spaghetti strap dresses for all occasions.

Include More Color

Just when you think camo is just basic military stealth clothing, you’ll be surprised as to how many camo prints are available. Camo prints come in different shades, designs, and meanings, don’t be afraid to wear them all.

Here are the most popular camo print designs that have made their way to everyday, casual clothing

  • Tigerstripes – this is a variant of the Brushstroke created by Vietnamese and was eventually adopted by the Vietnamese Marines. The stripes are an overlay of browns, blacks, and greens which are designed to provide camouflage inside thick Southeast Asian rainforests.
  • Duck Hunter – this is the favorite among duck hunters until the 1990s. This pattern was originally used by U.S. troops as they fought in the Pacific Theater during WWII. This pattern had a solid background shade with large shapes and splotches of two colors.
  • ERDL – short for Engineer Research and Development Laboratory, is an arm of the U.S. Army. The group used the oldest camo design of all which is a general-purpose camo pattern. Members of the ERDL used this camo pattern to mimic the color and shapes of grass, twigs, branches, and leaves.
  • Woodland – this camo pattern is very common and is widely used in many articles of clothing. It looks like the ERDL but the patterns are larger. The US Woodland camo was the Battle Dress Uniform pattern of US armed forces from 1981 to 2006.
  • Chocolate Chip – this is a pattern created by the U.S. Army back in 1981. The pattern was designed to look like rocks but undoubtedly, these look like raw cookie dough. The chocolate chip is popular during desert warfare and was also adopted by many militaries from Africa, Iraq, and South Korea.
  • Flecktarn – This pattern was used by West Germany during the mid-1970s and now it’s a standard issue for Germany’s brave troops. It has leopard skin–like patterns with shades of brown, green, and black.
  • Multicam – this camo pattern lets you blend right into different terrains in any lighting or weather condition. Multicam was developed in 2003 for U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan. The pattern is like iguana skin where there are hundreds of separate color and pattern layers. This pattern is commonly used by technical outfitters.

Final Words

Stand out in camo outfits and accessories using our tips. Follow these design techniques and we guarantee you’ll love wearing camo designs and camouflage-inspired accessories. There are many types of camo print designs, find the one that matches your outfit, style, and mood today.

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