5 Proven Ways To Build A Website That Attracts Customers To Your Small Business

As a small business owner, your website works hard for you. It can help you reach new customers, grow your business, and keep a finger on the pulse of your budding empire. But building a website that attracts customers is an art form. And if this is your first foray into the world of websites, it can feel like a minefield. 

Here are 5 proven ways to build and improve your website to attract more customers to your small business.  

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1. Cohesive

Your website is your leading salesperson. And that means it can make or break it for you when it comes to finalising a sale. While your web page’s aesthetics is important, a cohesive message is critical. 

Your message should cover all bases. From prospective customers right through to the final sale. Consumers should quickly and easily define who you are as a brand. And every part of your website needs to be screaming the same message. Cohesive, high-quality content and websites breed confidence in customers. So they know who you are and feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

2. Simplicity

Your website design must be easy to navigate. The best way to achieve that is to aim for simplicity. You don’t want to put customers off with confusing navigation or hard-to-reach contact pages. 

Make sure all your contact information is easily accessible on all pages. Split your website up into concise pages, and your customer will find what they need much easier. Include important pages like about us, contact, products or services, and a blog. Simple design choices across these pages will create the all-important cohesion you need on your site. And they’ll pack a bigger punch than if they were overloaded with design features and text.

3. Responsive

There’s nothing worse than a website that’s slow or is prone to crashing. Make sure your website is running as well as possible. And that it’s usable across devices. Mobile browsing is far more prevalent than on computers, so your site needs to be optimised for smartphones to stay ahead of the game. 

Think about how your user might navigate and interact with your site. How can you improve their overall experience? Concentrating on being user-friendly will ensure that new browsers are transformed into new customers.

4. Colour Theory

There are lots of thoughts about what colours make your website more attractive. Or even the idea that some colours are better at converting than others. But neither is true, really. Because it’s not about what colour you use, and more about how you use that colour. 

Anything that stands out will be remembered more, so use bright colours to highlight. But don’t forget about your website needing to be cohesive. You don’t want colours splashed all over the place. Make a palette of 3 to 5 colours that represent your brand. And then create a hierarchy within that palette. So which colours are to highlight, and which are to accent. This will allow you to use colour that boosts your message and stays cohesive.

5. White Space

Don’t be afraid of white space. It’s actually very important to have a lot of it on your website. That’s because it aids in comprehension, so people understand your message better. And it’ll highlight your important headlines much more efficiently. So any page you have that’s heavy on the text, balance it out with white space. Then you’ll have a page that’s easy to understand and digest. 

Wrapping Up 

These proven ways to attract customers to your website may have piqued your interest in web design. And you might want to find out more tips for a job in web design. But hopefully, these simple tricks will help you create a website that works hard for your small business. Of course, it’s not easy as a business owner. So you’ll need to use every trick in the book to make your venture a success. And building an effective website is one of the easiest ways to cultivate success.

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