Ways to Wear a Midi Dress

What’s the most versatile dress on the fashion rack? You guessed it: the midi dress. So-called for its midlength fall between the knee and the ankle, midi dresses are suitable for any occasion all year-round. You can dress them up for a formal event or let them flow free for a day out on the town. With this in mind, it’s clear there are many ways you can wear your favourite midi dress. How does the mood strike today? What will you choose for your upcoming brunch with the girls? So many decisions; so little time. Read on for some further midi-dressing inspo.

Throw on an oversized blazer

An oversized blazer on a skin-tight dress? It may sound a bit collage, but contrasting combos are so in right now. Take the Claude Dress below, for example:

Totally cute and skin-tight, right? It’s neutral enough that you could wear it as is to any formal occasion, but throw an oversized blazer on top and you give it this corporate flair (which sounds like another contrast) that you could also rock as you roam down any old street. If you’re wearing this to work, we’d recommend a monochromatic colour scheme—we’re talking black on black. If you’re heading out and about without the corporate dress code, wear white to bring contrast and classic vibes.

Whether you’re wanting a single colour scheme or something as contrasting as an oversized blazer on a figure-hugging dress—you can’t go wrong with this look. Pair your favourite midi with a larger blazer and see how it sits on you!

Add a white tee underneath

If you’re looking for a way to ‘dress down’ your midi, add a layer. It’s interesting that it can take fashionable additions to achieve a more laid-back look. Contrast really is the theme of today’s post.

How does adding a top ‘dress down’ an outfit? Pair your midi dress with a white t-shirt and it will instantly dress it down, channelling a more youthful look. This trick also helps you wear the dress throughout multiple seasons and not just for ‘special occasions’. Our recommendation: a cropped baby tee. A cropped t-shirt makes for less bunching at the waist underneath the dress. Even better: if you have a t-shirt bodysuit, throw this on for a seamless finish. A dress with which you could unlock this look is the Franca Dress:

Image: Alamour The Label

It’s neutral enough to change up the tone—and we’re not talking about the all-white colour scheme. The spaghetti straps won’t matter, either. Place a neutral-toned tee under this dress and you’ve got yourself a great day ensemble. This is a great way to wear a midi, especially if the weather is cooler.

Throw on an oversized jumper (satin slip midi dresses only)

This next tip is peculiar to slip dresses of the satin variety. And before we get into it, here’s a dress that would totally work with a draping jumper:

Image: Alamour The Label

The Brigette Dress is totally adorable. It looks so fabulous on its own that it would be a shame to only drag it out on special occasions. Wool or acrylic flowing free against silky satin give it this contrasting and even juxtaposed look. If looks could talk, this one would say, “hey, I’m a beautiful woman but I also have places to go so let me be fabulously comfy.”

Pop on some sneakers

Once upon a time, sneakers and dresses wouldn’t have been caught dead together. Now they’ve totally made up and often meet in public. TBH, we’re all for this. Heels are fabulous, and whilst they can definitely complement a killer midi, it’s nice to let your feet have a breather. Did you know that Sarah Jessica Parker has permanent foot damage from all those scenes she filmed running down the streets of New York in Manolo Blahniks? No longer is taking care of your feet a fashion compromise. Sneakers and dresses are all the rage right now.

I shall call it midi me

Don’t get us wrong: midi dresses are spectacular on their own. In fact, you could say that the minimalist look is the fanciest. But if you’re looking for ways to experiment with the look, layering or oversized additions can change up the vibe however you see fit. It’s hard work looking this good every day, so change things up to tone things down. Don’t forget to match or contrast your colours without clashing them! Finish your look with some heels or even some fancy Converse-style sneakers and you’ll be wearing your midi dress right. Here’s to midis and their many layers!

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