Fun New Hobbies For This Year

Not everyone can find one hobby and stick to it; instead, you might find that you enjoy doing lots of hobbies. 

After all, we are all creative beings and what could be more fun than trying out many different things? New hobbies don’t have to be expensive, time-consuming and you certainly don’t have to stick to them if you don’t like them! 

You are free to chop and change hobbies as you please. 

So, if you are on the lookout for something new to try, here are a couple that might be interesting to you. 


The internet is captivated by those careful and delicate swirls of the alphabet as accomplished calligraphers make the ink move almost effortlessly around the paper. 

Calligraphy doesn’t have a high joining cost; all it takes is some time and maybe a few YouTube videos. 

Practice books and calligraphy ink can be purchased at most hobby stores and even some pound or dollar stores. 

If you have an iPad, you can skip the ink entirely and learn to do it digitally with Procreate. 


Almost everyone loves music of some type. You might be into Latin jazz, heavy metal, or classic – no matter what you enjoy, you may have considered learning an instrument. 

While we don’t all have room for a piano, most of us have the space for a string instrument like a guitar. 

Before you decide to invest money into a guitar of your own, though, book a lesson on guitar so you can get a feel for the instrument and if you want to play it. 


There is a big difference between putting some smiley faces in the oven and whipping up a classic dish! Although both certainly do have their place in the home. However, the idea and the feeling that comes with mastering a recipe is quite something. 

If cooking isn’t your ideal thing, consider baking bread or making desserts. Next time you have a dinner party, you can impress guests with your culinary skills. 

Remember that cooking can be a lot harder than it looks, so don’t be deterred or disheartened if you don’t get it right the first time. 


If you are looking for a hobby free from rules and expectations, then painting might just be your perfect partner. You can use any type of paint you like and paint on almost any surface. 

Perhaps you have always wanted to create stained glass windows – this is your chance. You can also stick to the tried and tested watercolours or acrylics with canvas. 

Some great starter kits on the market even come with some instructional booklets to help you get started. Tips like priming the canvas or making sure it is wet to use watercolours. 

What makes hobbies so remarkable is that they make us happier. And every time we take part in our hobbies, we get a slight bump in happiness hormones. The more you do, the happier you’ll be. So the question is – which hobby is the right one for you? 

You can even use your hobby as a means to personalising your home; Making Your Home More You – Bizzimummy 🧚‍♀️.

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