4 Ideas for a Calmer Home (and a Calmer You)

Everybody is looking for ways to make their home more appealing. But if you are trying to make your home better looking, are you doing this at the expense of your frame of mind? A lot of people need to have a perfect “show home” in order to feel any sense of calm, but the reality could be more that you need to have a calm home. What can you do to make your home a more peaceful location? 

More Storage Options

If you are someone that gets truly wound up with lots of toys lying around, it’s important to find the right storage options. Additionally, if you struggled to find storage over the Christmas period for all those toys, you should also think about decluttering your home. Because if your children seem to have lots of toys, and this is creating more anxiety for you, getting rid of those toys that the children are not playing with anymore will make a big difference to everyone! 

Think About the Right Colors

Sometimes we might not realize that we are making our home more stressful because it doesn’t have the right tones. It always pays to understand a little bit about the psychology of colors and how the right tones can calm you down. Many people think about tones that will add to the overall appeal of the space, but your home needs to be your haven, and therefore, you’ve got to think about the less obvious cues that will help you feel better. Because it’s not just about colors, but it’s about appealing to all of your senses. Think about the smells, the sounds, and everything that you can control to make your home more relaxing. 

Recreate Where You Are Happiest

This is such a simple thing, but if your home doesn’t make you feel happy, you’ve got to think about the places that do make you feel happy and recreate those sensations. You may think about something that happened a long time ago in your life and this can become part of your “happy place.” You may have some space to create a relaxation station and even if you don’t, there’s a lot to be said for chunky knitted materials that you can wrap up and feel cozy. The post-Christmas blues can get to the best of us, which is why making your home a little bit cozy will do a lot for your frame of mind. 

Don’t Forget to Remove the Tech!

As nice as it is to have a smart home, the reality is that if we are constantly being enveloped by technology, we are going to feel that sense of clutter in our minds. In your home, think about dedicating a drawer for everyone’s phones and putting them all there during dinner time. If you are trying to make your home a calm place, don’t forget it’s not just about how your home looks or feels, but it’s about what is in that space in between your ears as well!

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