How A Family Lawyer Can Be A Savior For A Single Moms

Single moms have a lot of challenges to navigate, from divorce to childcare, financial responsibility, and more. Thousands of American women struggle with similar woes. You cannot expect life to be easy as legal issues stand in your way. A seasoned family lawyer can be your savior as you go through the legal aspects of separation. They can act as a mediator with your ex-partner and represent you in court if needed. Moreover, they can show you the way around when it comes to claiming and securing the rights of your children. Here are some ways a family lawyer can help a single mom. 

Handling divorce issues

A divorce is a draining experience for couples, and children suffer too. Single moms have a hard time in particular. Handling the financial and emotional aspects of this life-changing decision is daunting. A family law attorney can step into the mediator’s shoes and help couples settle the case amicably. Things can get tricky in court, making an out-of-court settlement a wise choice. But not all cases resolve on a good note, so you will probably need a specialist to handle your case in events of infidelity or domestic violence. Likewise, these lawyers play a crucial role in high net-worth divorces. Having a professional around gives single moms peace of mind that they will get justice. 

Addressing child custody battles

As a single mom, your biggest fear could be losing custody of your child. But the battle can get tough when your ex-partner wants to give a fight. Expert family law attorneys at Beermann LLP suggest that mediation is the best way to handle custody disputes. The law may vary from state to state, so it is wise to have a specialist who can guide you according to the norms in your state. For example, under Illinois law, divorcing parents have to divide legal custody and physical custody of their children. A family lawyer can help couples devise a new arrangement to take care of their kids together. They can also assist single moms in sorting money matters like maintenance, alimony, and child support.

Establishing paternity

A family attorney lawyer can play a significant role if you are an unmarried single mom. Typically, parentage cases require establishing the legal parents of a child when two unmarried parents fight for custody. The case proceeds to a traditional divorce after deciding paternity. Following this, it resolves issues such as parenting time and child support. You can expect it to be more complicated than a regular divorce and custody case. But a family lawyer can handle it from start to end and ensure that the mother and child do not have to settle for less. 

A single mom requires physical, emotional, and financial support to raise her kids well. It is the responsibility of the father to provide for his children. A family law attorney ensures that he does the needful. If you want a settlement that works in your favor as a single mother, collaborate with a specialist you can rely on.

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