All You Need to Know Before Getting Married in Edmonton


What could be more beautiful than finally preparing to tie the knot with the man or woman of your dreams? It’s magical! It’s your dream come true. But before tying the knot in Edmonton, Alberta, there are things you must know.

Information is power. So here’s everything to know before your marriage in Edmonton to ensure you get it right.


Do I need to be an Edmonton resident to get married in Edmonton?

No, you don’t need to live in Edmonton before getting married there. However, you, your partner, and witnesses must be physically present. Marriage by proxy isn’t allowed in Alberta.  


Must a priest officiate my marriage in Edmonton?

You actually don’t need a Justice of the Peace to marry you in Edmonton. What you need is a Marriage Commissioner.

A marriage commissioner is someone with the legal authority to perform marriages in Alberta.


Must I do a religious wedding in Edmonton?

You can choose to do a religious or civil wedding in Edmonton. A religious wedding is one officiated by a priest, minister, etc. In a civil marriage, the marriage commissioner cannot reference any religious personality, item, or doctrine.

Both are legal, and there is actually no legal difference — the result is the same: you become a legally married couple.


What documents are required before getting married in Edmonton?

To be married anywhere in Alberta, the couple must first apply for a marriage license at an Alberta registry agent office. The license shows that the couple meets the legal requirements of marriage in Alberta, which also apply to Edmonton.

The registry agent will give the couple a document made of two parts. One part is the Registration of Marriage, and the other part is the Marriage License. The couple must give the entire document to the marriage commissioner or priest officiating the wedding. The marriage license is what the couple signs during the wedding ceremony.


Do I need an Alberta license for a destination wedding?

As long as you wouldn’t perform the wedding in Edmonton, you don’t need an Alberta license. That’s because the legal requirements of that destination would be different.

However, you can perform your wedding (the legal part) in Edmonton and only have a ceremony in another destination. Since you’re already legally married, you won’t get to meet any surprises over there.


On what grounds can I get divorced in Edmonton?

If your marriage doesn’t go as you expected, you can choose to file a divorce. But your reasons must be legitimate before your divorce can stand. That’s why it’s important to consult with an Edmonton divorce lawyer to assess your situation and determine the right step to take. Your divorce attorney can help execute a smooth and peaceful divorce or suggest amending the marriage if it hasn’t broken down.


When should I book a marriage commissioner?

Since many people get married during the summer months, Edmonton may run out of Marriage Commissioners. To ensure you get the marriage commissioner you want, it’s best to book him as soon as you fix the date.



Note that your marriage license is only valid for three months from the issue date. So if your plans change and you now expect to marry later, you may need to redo your license.

In all, preparation is key to a splendid, magical wedding, devoid of avoidable setbacks.

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    This writing is very informative and helpful for those planning to tie the knot in Edmonton. When we take time to prepare for our wedding, we are setting a vital precedent. Of course, we want our wedding to be perfect, memorable, and solemn. So, I will recommend this blog to all of you planning to spend your wedding ceremony in the beautiful place of Edmonton. I love that you include information about getting a divorce. But how much do I need to pay for wedding license requirements?

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