The Importance of Visiting Nursing Home Residents

The global pandemic has taught people of all ages how it can feel to be isolated from the people we love. Sadly, many people in nursing homes lose their social support systems after going into nursing facilities. The truth is that by visiting someone you love in a nursing home, you may be making a bigger impact on their quality of life than you think. In fact, you can help improve their overall mental wellness just by visiting regularly. To learn more about the importance of visiting nursing home residents and how you can make a difference in older adults’ lives, read on.

Maintaining Connections and Mental Health


For many older adults, the idea of going into a nursing home can be scary. However, moving into a skilled nursing home or assisted living situation doesn’t need to be. Instead, if you hope to help your parent or family member get past their fears of being forgotten or in a new place away from home, there are plenty of ways to make that happen.

One of the best things you can do for a family member living in a nursing home is to visit often. Visiting on a regular basis not only helps nursing residents to feel connected but can actually improve their state of mind and mental wellness. Maybe you have a parent at Vista nursing home who you haven’t seen in a while. Especially with the global pandemic, now might be a great time to reconnect at least by phone. Start by calling Vista and asking about their visiting hours and rules. If it’s okay to safely visit your family member, talk to them about a time you could get together. Not only would they have something to look forward to, but they’ll feel great about hearing from you and knowing you care.

Gifts of Affection


Bringing a small gift for the person you love in a nursing home is a great way to remind them of your visit. Not only will they appreciate the token of your affection, but it’ll be something they can use to remember they haven’t been forgotten. Even better are gifts that give your nursing home resident purpose. For example, plant gifts can be the perfect gift for a plant lover or even someone with no plant experience. You might find that someone who wasn’t a plant enthusiast soon delights over watching their plant grow and flourish.

Other gifts you could give include art supplies, reading material, sewing supplies, and more. Consider your loved one’s interests and how much space they have when picking out your gift.

Making New Memories


While staying connected to know they haven’t been forgotten is important, you can help the person you love by showing them there’s still a quality of life in their future, too. Visiting regularly, you’ll be able to come up with new traditions and make new memories they can look forward to.

Maybe you have a parent in a nursing home who has a strong support system but isn’t able to leave for the holidays or day trips. Bringing family to them could be a great way to keep them included and build new traditions.

At the end of the day, whether you know first hand how it can feel to be isolated from family members and friends or you just miss your family member, making a plan to visit them in a nursing home is a great way to stay connected and improve their life. If you hope to have your family member flourish in a nursing home setting, consider calling the facility to set up a visit today. You’ll be glad you did!

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