Trouble Breathing In Kids: What Are The Possible Causes And Treatment


Cough and cold are common illnesses that kids often experience. These are generally harmless and very easy to recover from. However, in some scenarios, your kids might experience severe breathing issues that require immediate medical attention. 


According to statistics, approximately 6.1 million kids under the age of 18 suffer from Asthma in America. It is one of the chronic health conditions that most kids suffer from. Apart from this, they might also get diagnosed with Emphysema, Pneumonia, Enlarged Adenoids, or Sinus Infection. 


Therefore, it is essential that you pay attention to the causes of breathing (respiratory) difficulties and take your kid to immediate treatment. So, let’s begin! 


What Are The Common Causes Of Breathing Difficulties? 

Generally, breathing issues are caused by infections. But, there are numerous other causes as well: 

● Viral. ● Bacterial infection. ● Allergies. ● Asthma. ● Blockage of airways. ● Enlarged tonsils tissues. ● Exposure to cigarette smoke or other harmful gases. ● Genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis.


What Are The Symptoms That You Must Pay Attention To?

To ensure that you take your child for immediate treatment, you must pay attention to the following signs. 

● Runny, stuffy, or blocked nose. ● Continuous cough, especially if it continues for weeks ● Fever. ● Wheezing. ● Colored mucus. ● Aches or pain in legs and arms ● Headache


These symptoms can vary from person to person. But, you must take your kid to the doctor if they show even mild symptoms. 


What Are The Treatment Options?

Typically an infection will clear up on its own. Even so, you must visit the doctor as they can run a test or few to find out the root cause of poor health. These are some of the treatments they might suggest according to your kid’s health. 

 β— Adenoidectomy: In case your kid has enlarged adenoids or tonsils tissues, the doctors will recommend adenoidectomy. This condition can cause severe breathing problems, snoring, difficulty sleeping, sinus infection, or other diseases. To improve the kid’s condition, the doctors will perform adenoidectomy surgery. In the surgery, adenoids are removed from the child’s nose and mouth. Don’t worry; the surgery is usually safe and provides effective results. 

 β— Medication: If the condition is due to allergies or infection, the doctor might recommend some medication to improve the condition. Unless the condition is not asthma or other respiratory problems, the recommended medications are paracetamol or ibuprofen. Nevertheless, you must not give any medication to your child without the doctor’s advice. 

 β— Encourage your child to drink as much water as they can: Drinking fluids helps with breathing issues to a great extent. However, instead of drinking a lot but with a longer duration, it is better to drink a little but often. In addition to this, you should also make sure that their throat is not getting dry or sore. 



Key Takeaway,

When it comes to your kid’s well-being, you must pay attention to every minor change in their health and behavior. It will ensure that you take immediate action for their health and happiness. Besides that, make sure to take your baby to the doctor for regular health checkups.

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