Relationship Dream Analysis: Five Most Common Relationship Dreams and What Do They Mean?


Did you have a weird dream about your relationship or partner? The chances are high that you’ve been unsettled ever since. An odd dream related to your partner or relationship can be unsettling because a relationship is held in high regard by most. 


There are various reasons why you might be dreaming about your partner or relationship. According to Sigmund Freud’s theory of dreams, dreams are merely the unconscious desires, wish fulfillment, thoughts, and motivations of an individual. 


Since almost everyone in a relationship spends a significant amount of time thinking about or spending time with their partner, it’s very common to have relationship dreams.


There are expert psychic dream analysts who help you to decode what your dream means. If you had a weird dream about your partner or relationship, chances are that dream has already been documented and decoded by professional dream analysts across the world. If you want, you can read psychic source reviews on the internet in case you feel like talking to a psychic about your dreams. 


Relationship dreams can give you an insight into your true feelings or serve as a metaphor for what’s going on in your life. Here are some of the most common relationship dreams and what they mean.


Being Cheated Upon By Your Partner


Cheating dreams are surprisingly the most common type, and the chances are high that you have had dreams about your partner cheating on you. While this might seem alarming, there are multiple interpretations of this kind of dream. If you have been cheated upon in the past, the dream indicates that you are still not over the trauma and distrust. In this case, the dream signals that you may need to deal with the trauma and move on.


However, at times the dream might not be related to infidelity at all. It may signify something that must be claiming a significant amount of your partner’s time. This could be a newborn baby, a side hustle, or work. Therefore, if you had a cheating dream and there are no red flags in the relationship, don’t let it cause suspicion and friction between you and your partner. 


Cheating on Your Partner


The other way around of the above dream is also one of the most common types of dreams that most individuals have experienced time and again. But again, the dream doesn’t indicate literal infidelity. Therefore, you need not feel guilty about cheating on your partner in your dreams.


Such dreams are more indicative of underlying guilt on your part in terms of the relationship. If you had a cheating dream where you were cheating upon your partner, you should ask yourself what you are guilty of in terms of your relationship. Try to figure out the areas in the relationship that you may have been neglecting subconsciously and work towards it.


Fighting With Your Partner


Another common relationship dream is where you see yourself fighting with your partner. Again, the actual meaning of the dream is far off from the literal sense. The fighting dream might indicate some underlying anger or tension you may have. Experts say that every part of your dream is you and your subconscious thoughts. This means that your partner you see in the dream and the things they say are merely an extension of yourself that you’re projecting on your partner.


In such dreams, if your partner is showing anger and saying things in anger, remember that it’s your anger and your sentiment as it’s coming from your subconscious. Therefore instead of raising the matter with your partner, ponder upon what the fight was about in the dream and what was said. 


These dreams might provide an insight into repressed anger and emotion that you’re unaware of. Figure out what the dream meant to you and then start by working through your emotion first.


Dreaming About Partner’s Death


This morbid dream is also one of the most common where one dreams of their partner’s death. This type of dream can alarm even the most logical individual and put them in a state of unrest. However, remember, like all other dreams, this one is also symbolic and doesn’t represent the actual death.


Dreaming about a partner’s death is often symbolic of something changing or ending in your relationship. This might indicate a change in the dynamic with your partner or a difference in the way things used to be. 


To understand this dream better, ask yourself what’s changed in the relationship or something that has ended. This could symbolize less time spent with each other due to work, sporadic sex life, or something along the same lines.


Dreams About Having a Baby


Another emotional relationship dream involves having a baby together. Such dreams invoke a lot of emotions but should not be taken at face value. As opposed to the “death of partner” dream, the baby dream symbolizes something new in the relationship.


This dream might mean that the relationship has evolved so that you have more responsibilities than before. This could mean anything from taking care of and supporting an ailing partner to being the sole breadwinner in the relationship.

The key takeaway is that most dreams don’t literally indicate what they show and are instead symbolic in nature. They are an outcome of your subconscious mind and emotions. This means the emotions and feelings expressed in the dream are more important than the exact scenario, which will help you work out underlying issues in your relationship.

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