5 Scandinavian interior decor tips for a chic home

Everyone wants a unique style for their home. This is why more people have started looking into certain designs and styles, such as Scandinavian decor. This is quite well known for its beauty, utility, and simplicity. It exudes perfect craftsmanship, clean lines, and warm functionality that no other style can offer. A lot of people also love Scandinavian decor since light is a crucial factor in the way everything is designed. While this is quite a vast topic and one can feel overwhelmed when they are trying to decorate their house, we have curated a few easy tips for you to recreate the Scandi style in your own house.


The most important thing you need to know about Scandinavian decor is that wall-to-wall carpets were never a stylish thing in Sweden. Most designers prefer keeping wooden interiors that are quite earthy and light in color. This would be covering all areas of the house except for the bathrooms. Remember, light plays a major factor in Scandi design, which is why these earthy tones complement the style.


If you love houses that seem calm and breezy, Scandi houses are definitely for you. They feature cool grey and white walls, and the light blue textiles used to give the perfect ambiance of being inside a Scandinavian home. You can use some brighter colors instead of blue to give a pop of color to your house, but just find something that complements grey and earthy tones. 


The most important thing to do while choosing the decor for your Scandi interiors is to remember to use natural materials. These will highly complement the tones in your house. You can use things such as cowhide as carpets, light teak wooden furniture, furniture lined with wool or cotton with an accent color, and even some darker wooden bookshelves to add some warmth to your home.


Scandinavian houses are quite minimalistic. This is not only because of the design but also because of the fact that these houses are quite decluttered. If you truly want to decorate your house in this way, you should start getting rid of excessive items in your house. This does not mean that you will pick everything up and stuff it away in a drawer or a closet. Your whole house should exude that minimalistic vibe and you truly need to declutter for such a cohesive feeling. 

Use a fireplace

Scandinavian homes are known to have cute fireplaces. The winters over there are much harsher than most areas, which is why this is a focal point of Scandi’s design. You must have seen how British fireplaces are the main attraction of the room they are in such as the den or the living room. This is not the case with Scandi interiors. They usually have simple columns that are mostly originals from the 19th century and are placed nicely in the corner of one room. They are aesthetically pleasing and are quite practical as well.

Redecorating your home completely can be quite overwhelming. If you want to give the Scandinavian decor a try, use these tips to help you on your way.

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