7 Best Organic Formula for Breastfed Babies 2021

Parents’ decision about a baby formula becomes one of the most difficult because it will depend on the further health and development of the baby. Parents who want to find a baby formula that can be combined with breast milk or completely replace breast milk are faced with a huge range of these formulas. For such parents, the most important factor is that this formula is as similar as possible to breast milk, is completely organic and meets all the needs of the baby. The market offers a variety of brands and types of baby formulas.

So let’s take a closer look at the organic formulas that are best for breastfed babies.

1. Loulouka Organic Baby Formula – one of the most popular formulas for starting supplementary feeding. This formula does not contain such negative ingredients as soy, GMOs, palm oil and extra sugars. Therefore, it is completely safe.

2. HiPP Baby Formula – HiPP formula possesses the European certification that testifies to its high quality and reliability.

3. Kendamil Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula – this formula can boast a large set of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, the child will receive all the necessary ingredients.

4. Holle Bio Stage 1 FormulaHolle formula consists of 99% organic products, so parents may not worry about the quality of this product. It is as gentle as possible for the baby’s stomach.

5. Lebenswert Stage 1 Baby Formula – this baby formula did everything possible to get as close as possible to breast milk. Here you will never find systematic elements that can harm your child.

6. Baby’s only Sensitive Baby Formula – If your child has a sensitive tummy, or any problems with digestion, then this formula is perfect for you.

7. Earth’s Best Infant Formula – This formula uses lactose as its main carbohydrate, and therefore has such a resemblance to breast milk. Moreover, it does not contain harmful substances that can be dangerous for your baby.

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