Digital Parenting Tips for Thanksgiving – 30% off on TWS Parental Controls

Oh great! Thanksgiving time of the year is again around the corner. People observe and celebrate the harvest and all limitless blessings of the past year on Thanksgiving. It is a magical festival where you can spend time with your families. Kids get to play games with their friends and fellows and collect goodies from their parents.

It enables us to be thankful for all blessings in your life. It’s a happy event that gives us insights into your life with a positive perspective. 


How Do People Celebrate Thanksgiving?

The people of the United States and Canada usually celebrate this event on November 25 every year. Last year the celebrations were slow as the pandemic was high. So this year, people are more excited for Thanksgiving. Let’s find how do people celebrate Thanksgiving 2021 event;1. Plan a safe dinner.2. Decorate houses and outside areas.3. Set the tables.4. Play games.5. Talk about happy and positive things. 


How Do Parental Controls Help You Protect Your Kids During Thanksgiving?

While enjoying the festivities of Thanksgiving, parents can’t be with their kids and teens all the time. So, if you’re willing to spend your Thanksgiving happily, then it’s the right time to avail TheWiSpy’s offer. TWS is offering a 30% discount on all its features. So, you can have a safer Thanksgiving. 

1. Look Over Your Children:

While preparing your Turkey, make your children visible to you. Don’t let the doors of your house open. When you go outside, make sure the kids play in front of you. So try to make it convenient for them and yourself to avoid the misfortunes of Thanksgiving parties.

2. Use GPS Tracker:

GPS tracker is to let your kids know that you’re tracking their GPS location to protect them. In addition, it can create a safer Thanksgiving party for kids as it will assure them that their parents are following them, and if they are missed, their parents will find them. 

Location tracker enables you to find the current location of your kids. You can label different areas on the map of the target phone, which informs you when your child would visit safe and unsafe zones.

3. Monitor Kids Through TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy parental monitoring app is compatible with all Android phones. The Android parental control and kids tracker app permit you to find the mobile activities of your children. You can control and view text messages, listen to calls, and view call logs history. Furthermore, TheWiSpy empowers you to inspect the current screen of the target device; now, you can snap screenshots of your target device. In addition, you can have microphone and camera access remotely to record surrounding sounds, capture images, and record videos through this parental monitoring app. 



TheWiSpy – 30% Off on Parental Controls:

TheWiSpy will perhaps be your best parental control tool this Thanksgiving, especially if you want to make sure your kids don’t take the benefit of your occupancy in different chores. It ensures you’re having a tight grip on them while preparing a family meal. TheWiSpy is a parental monitoring app that lets you monitor your kids when they are out. You can listen to their calls and check their prompt messages app. 

However, the world has changed now, so do the preferences of different things. In the past, usually, people monitored their kids manually, but a parental monitoring app is required to fulfill monitoring needs nowadays. TWS has got all the parenting controls, and that is why it is known as the best parental control app for Android. Moreover, TWS hears all your voices and complaints and tries to fix your problems as soon as possible because users are genuine contributors. 

Guess what else? This Thanksgiving, TWS has also brought you the best Android parental control & kids tracker. 

TheWiSpy has an amazing offer for its new users. Now you can avail a 30% discount on all TheWiSpy’s parental control features that can help you enjoy your Thanksgiving more conveniently. Add a coupon code “Thanks2021” to get discounted subscriptions to this festival and enjoy the newest features of TWS.


Features – TheWiSpy:

Thanksgiving can be full of unfortunate dares, which can cause safety issues for your kids. Therefore, parents have the freedom to track their kids’ mobiles as it is a significant time to keep the kids protected. Guardians are practicing top parental monitoring apps to secure their kids. Before this time, parents had no intention to monitor their teens and kids’ mobile actions. However, many monitoring apps are in-ground for helping parents to monitor their children remotely. 

TheWiSpy app is the best parental control app for Android. It empowers you to track your kids’ mobile activities while playing games, surfing social sites, or chatting with strangers. TWS offers you to spy on the calls and SMS of the target smart device. You can have microphone and camera access to record and capture the surroundings. So, this is undoubtedly a perfect parental control for kids. Let’s look at its features now;1. Call Monitoring:2. SMS spy3. Contact details4. Location tracker5. Spy Camera 6. Spy Recorder7. Geofencing8. Apps monitoring9. Monitor social media10. 24/7 prompt alerts:


Calls and Contacts Monitoring:

TheWiSpy lets you spy on all incoming and outgoing calls of the target device. In addition, you can  record and track the calls on the target device. Furthermore, you can get contact details including, name, numbers, and timings etc.

SMS Spy:

SMS is a mostly used medium for communication. TWS lets you monitor the SMS of the target’s phone. That infers you can view chats and history.

Location Tracker:

GPS tracking permits the user to track the current location of your target mobile. Then, the app gives the map on the mobile phone or tablet to record all the areas where it operates.


Label the critical places on the phone’s map by TWS; you can check and get updates about the target device’s location. Then, if your child accesses any of these localities, TWS notifies you.  

Spy Camera:

On Thanksgiving, kids interact with many people, and they may be strangers; parents should monitor their kids thoroughly. TheWiSpy helps you know more about the surroundings of the target device through parental monitoring. First, you can view the photos, videos, and other multimedia files. Then, you can capture surround images by controlling the camera remotely. 

Surround Recording:

Scammers could trap your kids on this festival of happiness; TheWiSpy gives an unusual surround recording feature. First, it permits you to listen to the confined surroundings of your kid. Then, the app strikes the microphone of the smartphone and updates the audio recorded.

Monitor Social media:

Do your teens and kids waste most of their time on mobiles? Well, it’s social media. Around 71% of teens and kids are engaged with social media, according to a survey. So it’s likely that they might organize meetups to meet with friends or strangers this Thanksgiving. Parents can access their social media accounts by using the Android parental control & kidstracker.



TWS is highly praised and is versatile with Android phones that have Android 4 OS. It’s for both rooted and unrooted gadgets.



Basic: 1-month license for $19.99

Premium: 1-month license for $ 29.99

Platinum: 1-month license is for $49.99



TheWiSpy is a parental control software that secretly operates on the target device and updates all accumulated data over a web-based control panel. To discover more or get the 30% discount (using the COUPAN CODE – β€˜β€™Thanks2021’’), head on to the TWS website.



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