5 Dress Types that Every Women Should Have

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There is a dress for every occasion, from many stores and suppliers including wholesale womens clothing, and as a lady, this is why you need to understand the various options available and explore them when you can.

Considering that variety is life’s spice, you should break away from the act of wearing just only a few dress types for every occasion. There are so many types of dresses and so you need to stock up your wardrobe with the right ones.

We will shed light on a few of the options here and you are advised to keep reading. This is so that you would always make the right fashion statements as this matters a lot (especially as a lady).

Some Dress Options Ladies Need to Know and Have

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There are no fewer than 50 dresses available for ladies. This is why the act of boringly rotating a few options is uncalled for. Listed and briefly explained below are some of the options every lady can explore:


You need to understand the peculiar features of certain options to be able to tell them apart from similar-looking options. Frankly, the Midi option is one of such as some people mistake it for a mini or maxi dress. So, the first thing you should know is that it falls right in between both of these dress options.

Having established this, you should know that it is a perfect option when you are not certain of the occasion. This is because of the versatility of its fashion statement.

And about its features, it can come with any kind of sleeve length or neckline. This is why it is a go-to option for you regardless of your body shape. You just have to identify the sort that fits you better than others. The midi can also go well with straw hats, ankle boots, and several other things.


They say you should flaunt it if you have it. Well, the midi is the right dress for ladies that do not have a problem flaunting their breathtaking legs. You might want to know that this has been the case since the mid-1960’s when Jean Shrimpton introduced it to the mainstream.

This pace-setting model has made it a delight for many ladies since then. Furthermore, some clothing brands have added an extra touch of perfection to the mini options that they make available. You can check out https://www.aurathelabel.com/collections/mini-dress to know more about this.


The Bodycon is just the perfect fit for anyone that wants to be noticed. This is because it presents you just as you are – curvy and beautiful. This is because it is a tight-fitting option that will reveal a lot more of your shape than what other dresses would.

The more amazing thing is that it does this with a pleasing touch of simplicity. We should also add that this outfit can go down well with a formal suit to make things official. But without the suit, you can look as casual as you would want to. So, this option does not do badly in terms of versatility.

Although every lady can make the most of it, it is more fitting for those that have an hourglass shape. This dress on someone with such a body shape will get tails wagging and men focused just on you.


Aside from the Bodycon discussed above, several other options come close to offering almost the same effect. Well, the sheath is the right fit for someone that does not want something as tight as the Bodycon but something close.

It allows you to showcase your hip region and get noticed. In addition to what it offers, it is a lot more formal looking on its own.


This is a go-to option if you want to hit the ground running at the bar, cocktail party (as the name suggests), and casual events with a little touch of formality. This option is vast as it comes with different kinds of silhouettes and necklines to suit the occasion.

The length of this dress usually ends at the knee. However, some ladies will prefer to make a bold fashion statement by wearing something that moves upwards. You might also find it interesting that this dress style keeps evolving. For more on this subject, you can check here.


There are myriads of dresses you can wear as a lady. We have briefly explored 5 of them here and hope that you quit the boring act of repeating the same style over and over again. This is by making informed decisions using the details shared here.

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