Best Packaging Tips For Startups

If your company is just starting out and you are thinking of packaging all of your products, this could be a daunting task. The budget for doing this, as well as finding storage space for your products, are factors that you will need to consider. When you think about packaging, you absolutely need to get this right in order to make the largest possible impact for your business, plus maintain profitability, as well as build customer satisfaction levels and brand awareness.

Try To Keep Your Prices Low

One of the best packaging tips that you can use, especially if you are a startup company, is to consider the type of packaging that you are using, a topic that will be presented later in this article as it does directly relate to how much you are going to have to spend. For most startups, you are going to be very conscious of how much you are spending, and the cost of packaging will definitely be a concern. You may want to start with something that is extremely attractive, but this could be a temptation that would likely make your first business venture less profitable. The other possibility is to go as cheap as possible, to maximize your profits, but what you will end up with is the potential for damaged products simply because they are not adequately protected. If your customer does start to receive damaged parcels on a regular basis, this could have a negative impact on your business, as well as your brand image. You will need to find a balance, right in the middle, for providing optimal protection, yet not having to pay for expensive packaging. You can easily use econoRANGE to help you get the best quality packaging materials at the most affordable cost.

Tailoring Your Packaging For Your Products

Another good packaging tip is to consider packaging that will adapt to the type of product or audience that you are marketing to. Will you be marketing your products from an online store, or is this something that will be in a physical store? If you are only selling online, you need to consider that, especially regarding outer packaging and materials that will be designed to protect your products while in transit. You also must consider the channel by which you are selling all of your products, which will help you choose good packaging for items such as clothing, which will need something very different than those selling ceramics. If you have adequate protection, you can avoid damaging your products along the way. Conversely, you should not go overboard when you are just starting out, particularly if the products that you are marketing are not so prone to damage in transit, as this will increase your overall cost and upset your customers if you are not using the best packaging to protect what they are purchasing.

Customize Your Packaging

The brand of your company should also be prominently placed on the outside of good packaging, helping you to stand apart from all of the others and the content you are selling. If you are going to create your brand, it should reflect your identity, values, and your style, which means it needs to stand out to create a consistent brand image that other people remember.

Customized packaging is the best way to accomplish this. You can begin with custom printed boxes, or poster tubes which will work very well, yet it may be too expensive if you are just starting out.

Other possibilities include customizing your packaging affordably. Some personalization needs to be added to the packaging, which means you could use Paper Tags that will enable you to write a message or stamp your logo on the outside of the packaging. Printer Labels will also be an alternative for you to consider, yet you will have to do all of this yourself with a standard printer. To create affordable customized packaging, you need to consider all of these options, as well as how your brand name on the outside of the packaging will serve as a marketing tool to set you apart from the competition and make you more memorable to your customers. When you are selling products from a storefront, there are many different custom carrier bags that you could use. All of the information on the bags, and the packaging, can help your business grow which you can read about on our blog.

Get Your Packaging On Demand

A trend that many companies are following is to use Mylar bags rather than boxes or bottles for packaging. One final factor to consider is choosing to package, as a startup, that is going to be purchased in a unique way. Instead of obtaining everything in bulk, which is how you are able to save money, it still going to be a large sum of money that you will have to pay. For the majority of the products that you are selling, you will still be able to get a discount without having to spend a large sum of cash. Just find a balance that works for you, and the money you have available so that you can start making sales. You can obtain your packaging in this manner, which will give you flexibility, and will especially be helpful when there are fluctuations in the demand for the products you are offering, plus you can test out different types of packaging to see which ones get the best results. After you start to get more orders, and you have found packaging that you like, you can begin to order this in bulk at the lowest possible prices which will help you become even more profitable.

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