Holidays in Zakynthos: The 5 sights you should not miss


Travelling to Zakynthos, one will be confronted with an indescribable, almost intoxicating beauty that you will not have encountered. The Zakynthiancourtyards are flowery, the chants are revived in the shops of the city, while some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece are located here, among them the famous Navagio. The church of Agios Dionysios, the Bochali Hill, the Blue Caves, and the beaches where the loggerhead turtles lay their eggs complete the must-see sight of Zakynthos. Among so many beauties, what are those places that stand out on this beautiful island?



It is probably the most photographed beach in Greece. It is definitely the most famous sight of Zakynthos. And not without reason. The renowned Navagio alone is worth the trip to the island. White sand, clear blue waters and very high white rocks.The beach is located in the west of the island and accessible only by boat from Porto Vromi and AgiosNikolaos Volimon. You can admire it from above, from an iron platform, near the village of Anafonitria. The ship called “Panagiotis”, which was transporting duty-free cigarettes from Turkey was forced to run aground on the beach in 1983, probably due to a mechanical failure. The wrecked ship is almost submerged in the fine sand and its rust makesthe best contrast with the blue of the sea and the brightness of the sand.


Bochali Hill

It is one of the most beautiful places on the island. Especially at night, when the city and the port are illuminated, the view from the hill of Bohali is wonderful. At the top of the hill, the Castle of Zakynthos is the island’s old capital. That is why the district of Bochali is the most traditional, with narrow alleys, old houses and flowered courtyards. Many mansions collapsed with the 1953 earthquake, but Bochali still retains the atmosphere of the neighbourhood. At the Movida cafe bar, you will enjoy the view along with well-made cocktails.


Caretta Caretta turtle

It is one of the oldest species in the world, and the Mediterranean is its home. The endangered species of the sea turtle Caretta Caretta chooses the eastern beaches of Zakynthos to give birth. It goes out late at night on the beaches, digs its nest and leaves the eggs there to hatch. In 1999, the National Marine Park of Zakynthos was created in the bay of Laganas, but unfortunately, it could not stop the tourist exploitation of the beaches, with the result that the turtles now go to very specific beaches to give birth. One of them is the Secania, where every year, more than 290 nests are recorded during the spawning season. Your every approach to the point requires attention and respect for the endangered species.


Blue caves

An incredible, clear blue colour paints everything. In the blue caves at the northeastern end of the island, the colours are impressive. The caves were discovered at the end of the last century, and since then, thousands have visited them every year. Prefer the small boats that start from Agios Nikolaos Volimon and fit into the caves. Whatever enters the water it automatically becomes turquoise. The best time is early in the morning when the sun makes the colours even more intense. Do not be afraid to dive into the waters of the caves. The colours that your eyes will see in the water will compensate you for the cold water that the caves hide from the sun.


Saint Dionysios

The people of Zakynthos bow to his holiness, and half of the men of the island have taken his name. On the 24th of August and the 17th of December, thelocals honour Saint Dionysios with a three-day celebration. The imposing church is located in the city of Zakynthos, opposite the port. This building was one of the few that survived the 1953 earthquake.


The island of Zakynthos is an amazing place where every corner can enchant you with its glamorous beauty. Visiting the above destinations, you will get an overall picture of the island that will surely reward you. Choose a rental vehicle for your travels, which will offer you all the comfort you are looking for during your vacation period. You can turn to the rental company Enjoy Travel to find vehicles at amazing prices that serve your every need. The magical Zakynthos is waiting for you to give you incredible travel moments that few have the opportunity to experience!

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