4 Reasons why is it important to get regular eye exams as a traveller


Regular preventive visits to the ophthalmologist are necessary in order to detect changes in vision in time and, consequently, to take the measures needed to prevent further complications. According to several studies, many people experience minor visual impairments that they have not noticed, especially in the case of travellers, who are constantly exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and always strain their eyes, without receiving the necessary care required in aggravating situations such as constant travel.


In any case, even a small change, such as an increase in the degree of myopia, can lead to eye strain, more frequent headaches or dizziness. However, the researchers described 14% of diagnoses as “significant”, meaning that the lesions identified could lead to either partial or total loss of vision in the long run. The most common of these diagnoses was glaucoma. As with many other conditions, the earlier glaucoma is diagnosed, the better the chances of saving vision.


How often should we visit the ophthalmologist?

The state of health mainly determines the frequency of visits to the ophthalmologist. People with diabetes or hypertension are at increased risk for eye problems, so they should see an ophthalmologist more often than a healthy person. A healthy person without problems can visit the ophthalmologist for a standard checkup every two to three years. However, an immediate visit to the doctor is required in case of apparent symptoms, such as pain, irritation, diplopia, flashes, spots or difficulty reading.



Your age affects how often you see an ophthalmologist

If you are under 40, you should be tested at least once every 2 years, regardless of any pre-existing condition or problem such as myopia or hyperopia. On the other hand, if you are over 40, you should have an examination every year to prevent any conditions, which can develop into a more serious health problem. Also, children’s eyes should be checked every year by a specialist ophthalmologist.


Ophthalmological examination due to pre-existing diseases

Another important factor in determining the frequency of tests is whether you have pre-existing eye conditions such as diabetes or glaucoma. These conditions may either have occurred in us or may be present in the family history.


Οphthalmologists recommend:

 â— If you have had vision problems or a history of vision problems in the past● if you are at risk of developing eye disease● you have a family history of illness


You need to go for an eye exam every year.


You can prevent an eye disease

Several serious health problems can exist and develop without signs or symptoms. The eye examination by the ophthalmologist can detect them in time or reveal them. One may have a disease that causes various irreparable damage to the eyes and other vital organs of the body and not be aware of it. A simple eye examination could signal the need for treatment.


Our eyes have a high sensitivity and must be checked on a regular basis

And the last reason is the most obvious: our eyes are quite sensitive to all those threats to the environment, so we should have a complete picture of their situation by regularly visiting a reliable and creditworthy professional ophthalmologist. So if you live in the greater Southampton area, you can search for an eye surgeon in Southampton who can check your eyes on a regular basis, just right before your trips in foreign countries. After all, there’s no sightseeing without a clear sight, doesn’t it?


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