11 Ideas for setting up games for your kids

Children want to play, no matter what time it is or the moment. Luckily there are a lot of different unique games that you can set up at home. Some of them require more effort than others, but the smile on the face of the little ones makes it all totally worth it. These are some game proposals for the whole family that youcan prepare at home.

Personalized postcards

If a birthday or special date is approaching, it will be fun to make some postcards to send, when possible or to give by hand when we have the opportunity, to friends and family. We need a card the size of a postcard, paints, and a pencil or pen (plus an envelope and stamp). You should let the child draw whatever they want, to themselves, to the whole family, a landscape… On the reverse, you should encourage the child to briefly describehow it’s going, what he does during the day, etc. Ideally, the child creates the text and, at the end, put their signature.

A cardboard house

Or a car, an airplane… Everything is possible if we have a cardboard box big enough for the child to fit inside. To make the house you have to place the box with the opening facing down and cut the holes in the door and windows. The child can be in charge of decorating it: he can paint the tiles, the fireplace, flower pots, a mailbox, etc. When he finishes it, he can play with it. To make a car, the box is turned upside down, so that the child can get inside. He will be in charge of drawing the wheels, controls, etc.

Setting up a mini golf course

This one might be a bit more challenging than the rest. In fact you might want to seek professional help to design your own mini golf course but it’s worth it because your kids will love it and it will be tailored to your needs or the space you have available. The games that will come from it will be entertaining but what’s more, they will be challenging.

Pillow war

It’s a great way to start the day or end a nap. Ideally, one parent should secretly team up with the children to surprise the other. It is a harmless battle that requires little means (a few cushions and pillows are enough) and large doses of good humor. Of course: in the end, the opponents must make peace.

Soft or rough?

A variety of objects are placed in an opaque bag: a sponge, cotton, a scrubbing glove, a sock, etc. Children take turns reaching into the bag, touching an object, and guessing what it is. When they succeed, they will take out the object and take another.

A collage

Children love to collect things and treasure memories. They must have souvenirs and travel objects or things like that. With all this and a cardboard and glue we can help them make a nice mural to hang in their room. With this activity, they will also remember moments that have been important to them and it will be a craft that they will always be excited to see.

What animal am I thinking of?

A child chooses an animal and, without telling anyone, imitates it in full view of everyone. Whoever guesses will take his place. And so on. It is not worth talking, just gesturing and making sounds.

A very original rope

It is made with objects of all kinds that we have at home, as long as they are small and unbreakable, do not weigh much, sound when they collide with each other and can be fastened with a rope. Anything goes: metal strollers, shells and sea pebbles, a useless CD … They are tied one after the other, forming a row, and then hung on the terrace, on a tree in the garden or at home.

It’s time to dress up!

It is a classic that we cannot fail to mention because it never fails to entertain. Children love to play to put themselves in the shoes of others. Better than ready-made costumes, they will like to have our clothes (old-fashioned or old), a variety of accessories (bags, hats, gloves and even shoes) and lots and lots of costume jewelry.

Brain games

Let’s see who says the most girl names! (or as a child, or kitchen utensils, or professions, or toys …). The game can be complicated according to the ingenuity of the participants. You can ask for curious words, such as things that fit in a shoe box, dishes that can be eaten with your hands, animals that do not have hair, or any other riddle that comes to mind.

Stepping on papers

A pile of folios scattered on the floor of a room can help exercise their sense of balance. The children have to cross the room jumping from sheet to sheet, without their feet touching the floor. You can then try separating the roles more and more.

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