Parenting Guide: Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Child With ADHD

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 6.1 million children between the age group of 2 to 17 in America are diagnosed with ADHD. 


ADHD In Kids


Kids with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) find it very difficult to stay concentrated and listen properly. They tend to be hyperactive, thus have a constant need to speak or do something. Staying still and quiet is simply not possible for them. 


Due to these behaviors, it becomes very challenging for parents to manage their children. 


Moreover, many parents do not realize the reason behind the inattentive behavior of their kids is ADHD. They often receive complaints from school and fellow parents about their child’s behavior. This is why parents feel disrespected, frustrated, and stressed. 




Try to understand that it is equally challenging for your kids. They try their best to be attentive and concentrate, but due to the disorder, they fail miserably. 


They need your support, and here’s how you can provide it! 

● Be Involved

First of all, you need to start learning everything about this disorder. Identify the issues your baby faces due to the disorder. Take your baby to the healthcare provider and get the recommended treatment. Nevertheless, it would be best to try non medicinal treatment, such as behavior therapy. Such treatments have no side effects, so you can stay worry-free. 

● Focus On Teaching One Thing At A Time

As it is difficult for kids to concentrate, you should try teaching them one thing at a time. Divide the thing you want to teach into small parts and work with it. For instance, focus on teaching one subject at a time, and once your child is confident, add another subject. Also, praise your kid for their efforts. This will motivate them to work hard. 

● Talk To The School

Kids with ADHD have the right to take different education plans. To be more specific, they can choose between IEP (Individualized Education Program) and 504 Plan. You can learn about ADHD and School plans by visiting the given link. It can guide you about managing school, homework, and improving your kids’ social skills. 


Besides that, you should also meet the teachers more often. Learn how your child is doing and work together to create a plan for the child’s well-being. 

● Check Whether You Have ADHD Or Not

ADHD is a genetic disorder. Research has proven that parents, siblings, or other relatives of kids with the disorder are more likely to have ADHD. Therefore, you and your family should also get checked. If any one of you has the disorder then it is essential to get treated. This will also help you become a better parent. 

● Discipline With Love And Purpose

Discipline is essential for the well-being of children. However, what approach you select is also crucial. Therefore, you should consult with a specialist and come up with a lovable and purposeful disciplinary approach. You need to encourage them at every step and handle the bad behavior with patience. 


Wrapping it up!

Your child needs your support at every stage of his/her life. So, make sure you understand the cause of their behavior, instead of reacting to it. Take every possible step to help your child. 




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