Dress-To-Impress Style Tips For Mommy Golfers

Over the years, the popularity of golf as a family sport has evolved. It is no longer a male-dominated game. You can see as many women on the course as men. If you are an aspiring mommy golfer, you may probably wonder about women’s golf dress code. After all, you will want to impress everyone with your style statement if you are a fashionista to the core. Thankfully, dressing to impress is easy if you follow some basic style rules. Here are the best style tips that mommy golfers can rely on.

Stock up on polo shirts

The first thing you will need on the golf course is the apt topwear. Polo shirts do the trick. They look good on all body types, so you need not worry about the extra flab and curves you carry. Just opt for the right size that fits well and feels comfortable. You can add an array of colors and patterns to your wardrobe. For more versatility, experiment with styles like a button-down, V-neck, and zip-top. You can also choose long and short sleeves according to the weather. 

Choose weather-appropriate bottom wear

The choice of bottom wear depends on the weather. Pants, slacks, and colored chinos are ideal for colder months. You can opt for capris, crops, or Bermuda shorts during summer. But be conscious about going too short with length because private clubs prefer women golfers to stick to knee-length shorts. Always wear a belt with your bottom wear to keep it in place. As a rule, you must not look too casual.

Go minimal with accessories

As a fashionista, you may want to flaunt your best accessories on the golf course. But minimalism is the magic word when it comes to golfers clothing and accessories. Opt for a stylish, branded golf bag to carry your essentials. You can wear a simple watch and a pair of sunglasses for practical purposes. Avoid tacky jewelry and fancy belts because they can distract you and others on the course.

Wear comfortable shoes

The last thing you need on the golf course is a pair of tight shoes that pinch your feet as you walk around and hit the shots. Invest in shoes with soft spikes as they are an essential requirement. Additionally, they look good and offer firm footing when you play. You may wear running shoes at a casual club, but golf footwear always makes a better option for the grassy terrain. 

Layer up smartly

When the weather gets cold, you will need additional layers to keep warm. Mornings and evenings often have temperature dips. So it makes sense to carry a sweater or jacket for layering smarty. You can opt for a golf vest or jacket, a turtleneck sweater, or a wind shirt. A waterproof rain jacket with a hood is ideal for the rainy season. But ditch your denim jackets and sweatshirts for layering for your golf look. 

A little work with your golf style can help you look like a trendy diva on the greens. Follow these styling tips, and you can steal the show! 

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