It is official! You are going to be a mother soon. Like every expectant mother, you are super-excited and gushing at the possibility of embracing motherhood. Therefore, in preparation for the arrival of your baby, you pick up a pen, grab a sheet of paper and scribble down things you think your baby will need.

You write a little and pause halfway. It seems you are forgetting a few things, but your mind is too excited to figure them out. If that is the case, then you don’t have to worry. Why? Because we have a list of our own, it consists of the important things your baby will need to feel safe, loved, and cared for.

A great way to kickstart your motherhood preparation is choosing the best baby bags for your casual errands and vacation trips with your baby. But of course, mothers want to make sure that they have complete baby essentials in the baby bag. So, it’s crucial to shop for the important baby items you and your little one need as early as possible.

Below is a list of 8 important things you’ll need to prepare for motherhood in Australia.  


1. A crib

Like you, your baby will need a place to rest his head. While you may have many options in mind, a baby crib remains the most appropriate resting place for a baby. You should only ditch this alternative if you fancy a family bed where you have yourself, your spouse, and your baby lying side-by-side.

However, if you don’t fancy such an idea, probably because you feel your little one should have a space of his own, you can consider a bassinet cradle or three-sided crib for the first few months.

Mind you; most cribs don’t come with mattresses, so you might want to put a fire-retardant mattress on your list. Be careful of hand-me-down or older cribs, as they may pose a hazard to your baby. Furthermore, always scrutinize the cribs you buy to ensure they meet current safety recommendations.


2. Linens

If you fancy a crib to a huge family bed, then you’ll have to consider purchasing linens. You can make use of a water-resistant mattress pad coupled with crib sheets on top. Alternatively, you can go for a water-resistant pad (also know as a sheet saver) appropriate for the fitted sheet.

Whatever you go for, you’ll need one quilted mattress pad, some water-resistant pads, and two crib sheets, including lightweight blankets to protect your baby from the element during colder seasons.

Don’t buy pillows, crib bumpers, or fluffy comforters, as they can pose the danger of suffocation. The same with stuffed animals left in the bed.


3. Clothing and shoes

Since your baby wouldn’t be walking around the house naked, it is important you add clothing and shoes to the list. Given the weather conditions in Australia, you may also want to shop for clothes designed for each season.

You can begin with a minimum of six “onesies” (undershorts that snap at the bottom), three to four infant gowns equipped with a drawstring at the bottom, four toddler shoes Australia, four receiving blankets that are big enough to swaddle your baby, a few pair of socks or booties, and a sweater and cap. Sleepers is another amazing addition for your baby.


4. Diapers

Definitely! This should be the first on the list. It doesn’t matter the diapers you consider, be it cloth or disposable, any type of diapers will do. Ensure you plan for 80 to 90 diaper changes a week, to begin with, and then 50 changes a week after six weeks.

Furthermore, you’ll require a pad for the baby to rest on while changing, moistened diapering wipes or soft washcloths, a bucket to discard soiled diapers, and maybe, diaper rash ointment or cream to ensure your baby don’t suffer any discomfort.


5. Baby tub

So, we have mentioned clothing and shoes, crib, liens…what next? A baby tub, of course. Your baby will need to wash to stay clean and healthy. That said, what type of baby tub should you go for?  It depends!

For a small baby, you can go for tubs that come with a sponge insert or those inclined with a foam pad inside. In addition, you’ll need some terrycloth bath towels and washcloth, baby soaps, shampoo, little brush, and combs to groom their hair, including round-tip nail clippers or scissors for grooming as well.


6. Baby car seat

Babies are very fragile. Considering that, it is important you purchase baby car eats for them as strapping them to a typical car seat isn’t advisable. Unlike the normal seats in your car, baby car seats are designed for babies alone. These personalized seats are tailored to provide your baby with optimum protection and comfort when on the road.

Interestingly, these seats can be used on the go as you can attach them to your stroller without bothering to unstrap your baby from the car seat. While there are lots of baby car seats out there, it makes sense to go for one that suits your baby and your budget as well.


7. Medicine cabinet

A medicine cabinet is another important necessity for your baby. Mind you; you aren’t required to fill this cabinet based on your discretion. Instead, you are required to talk to your pediatrician about what they think should go into this cabinet.

A thermometer is often necessary, coupled with a bulb syringe, to draw excess mucus from the mouth and nose of your baby.


8. Feeding accessories

Feeding accessories are another important thing your baby will need. Thus, you will need to include some burp cloths and bibs on your to-buy list. Of course, we understand that you’ll be breastfeeding your child most of the time. Nevertheless, you’ll need bottles and nipples to use with the milk you produce.

What about washing stuff?

Definitely, after meals, you want to wash the bottle used to feed your child. That is where a bottle brush and a dishwasher come in handy. These accessories can be very useful for cleaning, hence, a good reason you should add them to your list. Also, if you wouldn’t be breastfeeding your child often, you may want to add formula and an accurate measuring cup to the list to round it up.



Planning is a necessity when waiting for the arrival of your kid. And what better way to plan than purchasing the appropriate baby accessories for your newborn baby. Lucky for you, we have provided you with a list of what your little one will need to grow and enjoy their stay in this world.

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