Workout Accessories Must-Haves For A Staycation

Most boss moms have been indoors for way too long in the last year and a half and are looking forward to traveling freely again. Many destinations have opened up within the country and abroad, which is exciting news since we’ve all been locked indoors for a long time! One of the best ideas, while work-from-home is still in practice, is to take a family trip to a beautiful place and carry your office with you! These trips are known as staycations, a vacation where you stay over for an extended period and work from the location.

This is a great option for moms who have to travel for work and need a break but can’t take time off. You can work during hours and do touristy things with the family off duty and on weekends, getting the best of both worlds. However, have you considered what happens to your workout schedule? Rather than getting a gym subscription, we’d recommend that you carry a few simple fitness accessories to help you work out on the go! Read about our top picks below and add it to your list!

1) Resistance bands: If you want to add some strength training to your workout routine while on a staycation, carrying along resistance bands for legs will help you a lot. These are elastic bands that are placed around your legs to add some tension while you perform regular exercises, such as squats and lunges. However the resistance bands make these workouts more intense due to their addition. You can look up resistance bands of varying intensity online to get yourself a set.

2) Ankle weights: These are the easiest ebay to make your cardio session much more fruitful while working out. Ankle and wrist weights are little bands with a certain weight to provide more resistance against gravity. So now when you run with these on your feet, running will become a little more intense. Carrying them in your luggage is so simple because they’re compact and nifty.

3) Travel friendly yoga mat: Our list would be incomplete without the mention of a trusty yoga mat. If you have one that you can carry along with a pouch, it’s amazing. However, if you don’t want to carry an extra item, this is one thing that can be found at any convenience or wellness store easily; plus, they’re super affordable! Maybe your kids may also develop an interest by watching you practice!

4) Kettle bell: The last item to pack would be a travel-friendly kettle bell. You can’t go wrong with this prop because there are many exercise variations you could use this for. Also, if you practice yoga, adding a kettle bell will give you much-needed weight resistance and kegel exercises.

Wrapping Up:

The aim to carry these four tools is to increase the range of your workouts while on a staycation with minimal weight. Make sure to maintain social distance and sanitize at all times. We hope that you have fun, stay productive, and fit on your trip!

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