Why Do You Need Recruiters to Screen Physicians to Work at a Hospital?

Hiring medical professionals is a challenging endeavor. You expect them to be the best, but you’re not always getting the right person for the job. It’s like hiring someone in any other field. You have to weed out the poor choices and work with the right one. Your hospital’s reputation is on the line, and you need recruiters to help you. Even if you only want one for a temporary post, you should still work with locum tenens companies. You can’t afford to get it wrong, especially in screening the candidates. 

Resume doesn’t say everything

The first step is to check the resume. You want to know the person’s educational and professional background. However, verifying the information on the resume can be a challenging task. You need someone to do it for you. It also takes time to check all the professional associations and qualifications. If you hire someone based on a resume alone, you might end up with the wrong person. 

You don’t have time to screen the candidates

If you want the best physician, it takes time to screen the choices. You also need to go through a lengthy process if you only have a couple of posts to offer. If you let the agency do the job, it’s easy to trim the choices down. You have to balance many things when running a hospital. You can’t do everything by yourself. You need someone to help out. 

There might be previous ethical issues

You won’t know if the physician has previous ethical issues that got swept under the rug. Some of them might misrepresent themselves. Sure, they’re still a good doctor, but you can’t afford to have them in your team. Having physicians with a bad record will hurt your reputation. 

You want to speed things up

If you rely on in-house HR alone, it will take time to get things done. Make sure you work with agencies because they have a robust team. They know what to do as soon as you contact them for help. If you’re in a hurry due to the demand, they can also speed things up to address your needs. The agencies understand the nature of hospitals and how urgent everything is. They won’t let you down. 

Choose the right agency

While it’s good that you decided to work with an agency, not all of them are worth partnering with. Some of them might not give you the best results. Take your time to look for the best agency to do the job. Make sure the agency also has a strong record. Otherwise, you will employ physicians who can’t do their jobs well. 

Read reviews and ask for referrals from other medical establishments. Ask them if they worked with these agencies before and how the experience was. But, of course, you’re going to pay for this service, so you can’t settle for anything less. Besides, your patients deserve only the best.

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