Health checkups that should not be ignored by women over 30

As a woman, you should know that our anatomical structure is quite different from that of men. This makes us more susceptible to a number of issues and ailments that we otherwise would not have the risk for. Our body changes as we move past thirty, bringing with it an increasing number of health concerns. This means that regular health checkups are quite important, especially past a certain age. You should get some tests done regularly in order to maintain perfect and optimal health. You should also consider starting multivitamins in your late twenties to see the benefits in your thirties. We have curated a list of tests that are essential for any woman over the age of 30.

Pelvic examination

A Pap test or a pap smear is a pelvic examination that should start after the age of 18 and go on till the late 40s. There is a great risk of cervical cancer in women. Cells of your cervix can be examined by the doctor by inserting a swab inside your cervix and taking out some cells to study them. You can get both your pelvic and your cervix checked at once. Your pelvic exam will tell you about the health of your ovaries. Cervical cancer can be treated if caught early, which is why it is recommended to get these routine exams at least once every three years. If you see symptoms such as cysts, STDs, or vaginal bleeding, you should get it checked at once.


Every woman should get screened for breast cancer. This test is a bit uncomfortable since mammography involves pressing the breasts together between two plates in order to enable x-ray imaging. This helps identify cancer early and can be very useful for every woman, not just people who have a family history of breast cancer. Do not regret things by not being consistent with your checkups. The cancer spreads fast, which is why it is so important to get checked once every two years.

Blood pressure test

Did you know that once you start having blood pressure medications, you can never stop? It is important to get your blood pressure checked for symptoms of ailments such as hypertension. Your lifestyle and hormones can increase your risk of heart disease majorly. Also, get your blood sugar levels checked and look for symptoms such as changes in your skin and different moles present in your body. 

Thyroid function test

There are two important hormones produced by the thyroid gland in our body. These are called triiodothyronine (T3), and thyroxine (T4). Both of these help regulate the metabolism in our bodies. When you suffer from hyperthyroidism, it causes your metabolism to slow down and can make you gain weight that is impossible to shed. If your gland is overactive, then you might keep losing weight with difficulty in gaining it back. It is important to measure your thyroid hormone levels to check for normalcy.

Every woman should understand the importance of regular health checkups. Make sure that you do not forget any test on this list.

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