Canadian Permanent Residency Status: What Are The Perks?

Someone has rightly said, experiencing happiness and living in Canada is pretty much the same thing. And they can’t be more right about it. 

Why do people prefer and love to immigrate to Canada?

There are a plethora of reasons why people opt for migrating to Canada. One of which is that the country welcomes people of all races and ethnicities with open arms.

You’ll be surprised that Canada is home to 100,000+ people who belong to more than 30 ethnic communities. In fact, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are actually pretty diverse and have paved the way for many ethnic neighborhoods. 

The welcoming atmosphere and polite citizens make it really easy for the immigrants to blend into a foreign country. 

In fact, if you have any doubts regarding how to apply for permanent citizenship in the country, your canada immigration consultant will fill you in on this and help you throughout the process. 

That being said, here are certain perks you’ll get to enjoy once you achieve permanent residency status. 

Some of which are mentioned below.

● Free to work anywhere in the country

Immigrants who are living on a work visa have certain limitations when it comes to choosing the location of the job. 

And that can be a hurdle for your career. 

But as soon as you get the permanent residency, you will be able to enjoy the legal right to work or move anywhere in the country. 

This means that your career won’t be limited or tied down to a specific province.

● Access to universal healthcare

The best part of having a permanent Canadian residency is that you will gain access to the universal healthcare provided by the government.

If you are looking forward to becoming a Canadian citizen, you should know that you and your family will be able to enjoy free medical care. Not only this, but universal healthcare also covers all the prescription drugs that are actually paid for through taxes. 

In fact, you will also be eligible to apply for public health insurance right after you achieve Canadian permanent residency status.

● Free to transform your entrepreneurial dream into reality

Another celebrated perk of Canadian permanent residency is that you can legally start your business in the country. In fact, there’s a huge part of the commercial sector that belongs to immigrant entrepreneurs

Yes, you read that right. Canadian PR allows you to invest in a franchise or start your very own business. The nature of the business, such as sole proprietorship or partnership, totally depends upon you. 

So, all you need is a Canadian permanent residency status to fulfill all your entrepreneurial dreams in the country.

● Access to the world-class education system

Believe it or not, Canada actually ranks on the list of most educated countries in the world. This is because the government spends a lot of money to make sure that everyone in the country can get world-class education without breaking their banks. 

The country is home to the world’s best universities, such as McGill University and the University of British Columbia.

This means that you and your kids have a chance to learn from the best right after your PR is approved. 

The bottom line,

Having a Canadian PR status means that you’ll be a citizen of one of the beautiful countries in the world. And the perks that are mentioned above confirm the statement. 

So, apply for permanent citizenship and enjoy the benefits right away.

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