What’s The Love Language Of Your Relationship? Let’s Find Out!

Every person has their own way of expressing love and showing care. Some people express it with physical affection, while some prefer to give gifts. 


Still, no matter how hard one tries, things don’t always work out as planned. On the contrary, it might create misunderstandings and other relationship issues. Needless to say, such a scenario often leaves the person disheartened. 


But why? 


Well, one thing’s sure that it’s not because your efforts are not genuine. Instead, the reason might be not knowing the “love language” of your partner and relationship. 


Yes! Love language is a real thing and can help you express your love in the best way possible. 


Curious to learn more about it? Keep on scrolling! 

● Words Of Affirmation

As the name suggests, this language is about expressing your emotions through words, compliments, praise, and encouragement. In short, if your partner’s love language is this, they love kind and appreciative words. Thus, you can write them lovely letters (or text messages), tag them in romantic quotes, and randomly compliment them. 


These little things will help you both respect and appreciate each other. Plus, it will also help improve your communication. 

● Physical Touch

Does your partner often hold your hands while walking? Does your partner love receiving and giving hugs or kisses? Does their idea of a perfect date night include cuddling while watching a movie? If YES, then physical touch is their primary love language. 


It means to express your love, you need to nurture intimacy. Create a romantic set-up with candles, music, and chocolates. You can try doing a slow dance to get a little closer. 


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● Quality Time

To put it simply, spending quality time means you need to give “undivided attention” to your partner. The easiest ways to do so are not using your phone when you are with your partner, making eye contact, and listening actively. 


Remember that your partner will also give preference to quality over quantity. That means, even if you spend only an hour together, it needs to be just for each other without any distractions. 

● Acts Of Service

It means your partner will feel more loved and appreciated if you do nice things for them rather than just saying the words. The nice thing DOES NOT mean that you need to plan surprise parties or go on a trip abroad. Instead, it includes simple things such as doing the dishes, cooking food, or opening the car door. Believe it or not but such little things will have a big impact on your relationship. 

● Receiving Gifts

As you have already guessed, this love language means that your partner likes thoughtful gifts (receiving and giving both). So, to show that you care about your partner, you must plan random gifts or surprises. 


It is noteworthy that the amount or size of your gift is insignificant. It’ll be your efforts that will count. 



Understanding the love language of your relationship will help in resolving numerous issues. Moreover, it will promote selflessness, maintain intimacy, create empathy and also lead to personal growth. So, you must put in consistent effort in learning this beautiful language. 


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