Trying CBD Concentrates- 4 Reasons that Validate your Perfect Choice

The sales of cannabis concentrates like rosin, resin and others, usually made using a a pressing machine or similar; are far from outselling edibles and cannabis flowers in Canada.

A recent report sheds light on an increase in cannabis sales. There was a whopping increase in cannabis to nearly 318.7 million Canadian dollars in June. And this has been growing more than 1.7% from the previous May record. This increase is primarily due to the ever-increasing consumer demands. Another reason for upsurging sales is that it is very appealing to cannabis producers, owing to decreasing production costs.

The difference between quality and yield is minimal. Also, it brings more profit margins than the flower itself. The versatility of the concentrates brings higher numbers to the producers. But, the reality is different. The real driving force behind the concentrated popularity is the consumer itself. Depending on the purpose of the final product, companies may decide to use a different cannabinoid spectrum from different strains.

Some reasons why canna-consumers are in absolute love with concentrates are:

  • Higher Potency:

Smoking cannabis flower provides a potency of around 10 to 25 percent. On the other hand, CBD concentrates deliver about 50 to 80 percent potency, which can be as high as 99 percent. Also, because of the hemp extraction process, consumers are merely consuming cannabinoids and terpenes. And, it’s not the combustible plant material, the experts say.

  • More Economical and Efficient:

Even though the cost per gram of CBD is higher than the flower itself, you’re sure to get a greater bang for your buck. It is because the enthusiasts say that concentrates canada lasts much longer. 

Concentrates have a more excellent shelf life than the flower itself. If kept in a cool or a dark place like a freezer or refrigerator, the product can last for as long as a few months. Concentrates are discreet than the flowers. It is because these are less intense. All you’ve to do is set a dab rig. Or, maybe use a simple dab pen for sufficing and circumventing the delay of setup times. 

  • Concentrates Provide a Greater and Much Faster Relief:

If you’re a patient in pain, the last thing you will ever want is to wait for relief to act. While edibles provide comfort somewhere between 30 minutes to around two hours, the relief from marijuana edibles is much faster. 

Although flowers deliver a quick high, it is not as fast as concentrates like rosin and resin. Also, many cannabis enthusiasts say that they experienced a clearer and less foggy high on concentrates. Thus, higher potency is a blessing for medical marijuana users. After all, they may need to consume higher doses for better pain relief. However, there are plenty of differences between live rosin and live resin, so it’s best to do your research before making any decisions on what to buy.

  • It’s the Terpenes:

Concentrates work wonders in stripping plant materials through the extraction process. And, the left-overs are popular as terpenes and cannabinoids. It’ll come as a surprise to you that there are around 100 of these in the cannabis plants. 

Terpenes are aromatic compounds, which influence the aroma, flavour, and effects of the cannabis strains. A concentrate that’s high in terpene like limonene helps alleviate stress. It also helps to elevate mood, ease depression and anxiety. 

Concentrates also deliver the “full-spectrum” effect when they extract from the entire plant. Thus, in concentrates- all cannabis beneficial molecules- THC, CBD, and terpenes come together for bringing ameliorative effects. 

The Bottom Line

Concentrates may seem intimidating when you see these for the first time. Yet, know that these aren’t for novices. 

Therefore, when you’re looking forward to including concentrates in your consumption routine, make sure to get in touch with an experienced enthusiast. 

After all, a trusted canna- connoisseur will show you the ropes!

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