Things to Know Before You Date a Hippie Girl

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It might be scary for some to have a carefree significant other who doesn’t care about society’s norms. However, it might not be so scary at all if you find that dating these people is kind of liberating and exciting. You’re widening your perspective and begin to look at things differently. This is the era that the hippies bring to a lot of people.

Today, the hippie girls are not as intense as the ones who lived in the 60s. They are not in danger of extremism, but you may consider them unconventional. Others have come to know a more reasonable and civilized view of the world, and you could potentially find them to be life-changing. 

How to Identify a Hippie Girl?

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If you want to know more about hippie girls, you need to identify their traits first and what makes them different from others. She is all about having fun, and you can find out one by visiting sites like and read more tips about them. Other cues to know about, especially in their visual appearances, are the following:

1. They Have a Very Long Hair

Most of these women are naturalists, and they grow their hair freely. They won’t groom like “everyone else,” and they are not necessarily doing the treatments in salons because they believe that the products may harm nature. However, even if they have long curls or straight hair, know that they will still make an effort to be more presentable. They stand out from the crowd, and it can be easy to identify them even if you live in the city.

2. They Wear Eye-Catching Clothes

Some signs to look for are the accessories and the clothes that they wear. Most chics will wear stuff that tells their personality to the people around them. They are essentially communicating their free-mindedness and show the world that they are somewhat different.

The typical indicators are The typical indicators are bohemian dresses, loose Baja hoodies, backpacks, bandannas, headbands, famous signs of peace in their clothes, and colorful bracelets to match. Some may even want to go barefoot, especially if they are out and about in nature, because they love anything naturalistic.

3. Has a Genuine Respect for Mother Earth

Their naturalistic indicators for the love of mother earth are that they are very supportive of animal rights, recycling campaigns, and protests against fur. Most of them are vegan in nature, opting only to eat fruits and vegetables because they don’t want to harm the animals. 

They wanted to be more environmentally-friendly, and others may even join tree-planting activities in the area. For those who are interested in dating them, this is an excellent opportunity to get to know hippie women better.

Why Choose to Date a Hippie Girl?

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1. They Are Loving and Not so Much as the Fighting Types

The lifestyle of most hippies tends to be peace-loving, and they have a perfect way of staying away from any sort of toxicity. They are all about striving for peace and aim to drive away from the hate that they may have in themselves. Learn more about the qualities of hippies in this link here.

2. Looking at the Brighter Side

You might see them smiling and becoming happier compared to others. This is because they are genuinely feeling happiness inside and buzzing with natural pheromones. All the negativities out there may repel them, and if they are going to choose you as their partner, you may feel some good vibes, plenty of positivity, and a special connection with them. Of course, you could encourage them to choose you as their partner by wearing a mixture of pheromones yourself to make them see you as the person they are looking for and choose to date you.

3. An Inspiration to Travel More

Hippies don’t want to stay in their towns all of their lives. They want to explore and travel the world. They are in love with finding the new joys and magic that a new city offers. Most of the girls revel in new cultures, and they are open-minded while they are making the journey. If you’re going to date one, you may want to see all the adventures and beauties as well.

4. Excellent Listener to Men

If a guy listens to them on the first date, expect that they can reciprocate as well. They respect you, and they know how to listen and keep the conversation going. Men love them because they feel heard and respected.

5. Incredibly Humble

Most of these girls love all the creatures on Earth because they believe that humans deserve peace, respect, and love. They don’t look down on others, and their feet are firmly planted on the ground. They will not choose to be mean just to make fun of others. While they tend to stay away from negative people, they don’t usually hate them. Instead, they are inspired to radiate and feel love instead of hate, and this is one of the wonderful qualities you should be looking for.

6. They are Not Materialistic

The simplest gestures, such as being kind to others, are enough to make them happy. They are not necessarily materialistic, and they don’t constantly chase money. The girls mostly appreciate the more memorable moments, and they treasure these with you. Instead of looking for a thick wad of cash in your wallet, they wanted to share special bonfires, fireworks, picnics, and camps with you. They usually enjoy spending some time with other people and talking about the deeper things in life.

7. The Farthest Thing in Her Mind is Violence

They don’t have to do violence because they have the mindset to become more peaceful when they are with you. They want to end all the wars happening in the world, and they want to live passionately and positively as much as possible. They have a special aura in them that makes their existence fun and exciting.

8. Adore the Little Things

They would want to know how you speak or how cute your looks are when you wake up in the morning. You can expect them to love everything about you, such as your scent, voice, hair, and beard. You will truly feel appreciated when you are with them because they see the real you.

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