Can Smoking Weed Help You Beat the Heat?

If you’ve come across this article because you are seeking information on the benefits of cannabis or cannabis products; then it’s important that you are aware of the cannabis laws in your country or state (USA). If you live in the USA, then the laws are different depending on the state you live in and you can be arrested if you do not abide by them. For instance is marijuana legal in New Jersey? Well yes it is! But it’s not legal in South Carolina at all.

In many parts of the country, summer temps are getting hotter than ever. If you need to cool off, burning something may seem counterintuitive. However, there is some evidence that cannabis can actually make you more comfortable in hot temperatures. Just be sure to follow a few no-nonsense tips to make your hot weather smoking experience a good one.

Cannabis Lowers Body Temperature

Researchers have confirmed what many who smoke already suspected. Consuming cannabis can lower your body temperature.

The exact mechanism is still not well understood, but it is likely related to how cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system. Receptors there regulate our sensations of heat and cold. The result could be a dulling of the sensation of heat.

Additionally, the same mechanism that makes Indians drink hot tea in summer may be at work. In this country, people relax in the shade with a hot beverage during the hotter times of year. Hot beverages activate receptors that trigger your body’s cooling response, thus lowering your body temperature. Taking a hit off a vape pen could trigger the same response.

Choose Hot Weather Cannabis Goods Wisely

When choosing goods from a Phoenix dispensary, keep the outside temperatures in mind. Chocolates, for instance, are likely to melt, as are gummies. Many vape pens do not function correctly in extremely high heat.

During the summer months, it’s best to stick with preparations like flower and tinctures. Buy a little at a time to ensure that they don’t dry out before you can use them. Storing carefully indoors can also help keep product fresh and keep it from being damaged by the heat.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

Hot summer sun on its own can make you feel headachy and dehydrated. Pairing it with potent cannabis can make you feel downright ill if you are not careful. Keep a bottle of water nearby and sip it regularly. Lukewarm water is absorbed better than ice-cold. In fact, consuming cold water can actually raise your body temperature a small amount. However, the increase is not substantial. If cold from the fridge is the only way that you’ll get yourself to drink it, by all means, pour water that suits your preference.

While a cold beer is refreshing on a summer day, go easy. You may find that your response to both alcohol and cannabis are more intense in higher heat. Look for session beers with lower alcohol or opt for a Michelada instead. The idea is to get plenty of water into you along with any alcohol that you might consume. Alternating a glass of water with each beer is a good way to go, as well.

Consuming complex carbs and good fats can also help you stay more comfortable. Both help keep your stomach settled, in case high heat makes you feel out of sorts. Another option is a cold bowl of fruit. The carbs help keep you level while the high water content keeps you hydrated. Plus, there’s nothing more refreshing than cold and sweet fruit when you are high.

Alter the Way That You Take Your Favorite Products

Start off consuming a little less than you normally would. Cannabis can lower blood pressure, and this can make you feel faint. Since high heat can also make you feel a little faint or dizzy, the combination can hit you twice as hard.

Consider picking up products with a higher ratio of CBD to THC. Higher CBD can actually moderate your high a bit and keep products from becoming too overwhelming. A good, balanced bud can give you a nice buzz that isn’t too much. It might also be worth taking a hit from some Cool Bongs to make your everyday smoking session that little bit more enjoyable, especially with the sun shining in the hotter weather.

Having Fun in the Sun

More than anything else, listen to your body. You may find that, for you, cannabis is an indoor activity in the hottest parts of the year. Try lower THC varieties or skip it altogether if you are going to be outside and weed doesn’t agree with you in the heat.

On the other hand, if you are among the people who are fine with marijuana when the temperatures are high, indulge wisely. Enjoy the moderately cooling effects. Drink plenty of water. And take your experience outdoors to take in outdoor music, scenery, hikes and all that the world has to offer at this time of year.

Don’t Make Weed Your First Line Defense

If you are feeling overheated, head for the shade or the air conditioning first if you are able. The amount that THC decreases body heat is not significant enough to make a difference if you are dangerously hot.

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