How I Designed My Nursery with Removable Wallpaper

Home is the first place where a kid starts to learn. Home is also the place where kids learn most of their behavior and adopt habits. Therefore a conducive learning environment is necessary at home. It is with the right environment that a kid can learn and grow faster.

Kids spend most of their time indoors. They need care and a vigilant eye. Therefore you are always on the look out or keep them indoors to avoid any unwarranted circumstances. As most of their time is indoor, why not make their room the best place. There they can learn and remain safe inside too. 

Why Use Temporary Removable Wallpapers in a Nursery Room?

Temporary removable wallpaper is the best use in a nursery room. They are durable and last longer than the paints.

Kids are always up to some mischief. The most notorious of their habits is writing on the wall with anything in their hands. Look away for a second, and they will create havoc on the walls. As a result, they destroy all the decorations on the wall, and the paint is wasted. 

What do you need in this instance? Temporary removable wallpapers are the best solution for this purpose. They protect the walls from the art attacks of the kids. They can be easily cleaned and washed off without the fear of washing off the colors. 

How to Design Nursery with Removable Wallpaper?

Kids learn all the time. For any design of a kids room, you need to have a combination of aesthetics and learning. Both these factors have a calming and positive effect on the child’s mental health and growth. 

Favorite Characters

A unique way to make a kid feel at home is to have something relevant to their favorite cartoon, movie, or character. They can connect with it instantly. They also plan different activities around those characters. Having one on the wall is a good idea. 

Must try removable nursery wallpaper having characters drawn on them. They are self-adhesive, so you do not have to make any effort.


Shapes have proved to play a vital role in a child’s learning to understand the world. Playing with shapes and figures sharpens their intelligence and improves their creativity. You can get removable nursery wallpaper in the form of shapes. There are three-dimensional designs and shapes available too.

Sports Wallpapers

Sports and kids come together in a single package. You cannot keep them out of lies and sports for long. 

If your kids are aged ten or above grown-up, they might show interest in some physical games like football. It is always healthy to have something relevant to their favorite game manifested in their room. It reminds them of their passion and motivates them to go pursue it. 


Nursery is the place where kids spend their time. Make it aesthetically pleasing and efficient for learning. Make it as comfortable and colorful as you can. Temporary removable wallpapers are the best way to decorate children’s  rooms. 

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