Newborn Wellness In Summer- 5 Helpful Tips For New Parents

An impending delivery sounds scary to first-time parents, but the challenges do not end here. It is only the beginning of a beautiful yet daunting journey, where every day brings a new learning experience. It is often difficult to understand the needs of a little one, but you learn to read the signs eventually. Making the baby comfortable should be your top priority at all times. Once you master the skill, it gets you on the right track, even as a new parent.

Tending to a newborn takes a lot of work all year round, but summer is a tad tougher. Even as you have fewer layers of clothing to manage, the little one needs extra care in the hot season. Overdressing can make the baby uncomfortable and even cause rashes. Exposure to sunlight can be threatening as it can cause high fever and even heat stroke. Thankfully, you can take small measures for newborn wellness in the summer. Here are some tips that can help.

Understand the risks and implications 

Newborn care education should start early, even before you bring the baby to the world. If your due date falls in summer, research the risks and implications of heat for the little one beforehand. A temperature over 80 degrees can be dangerous because the body has a hard time cooling off. It is even riskier for babies because they do not sweat, putting them at a higher risk of heatstroke. Moreover, they can get dehydrated faster, which is another serious threat during the hotter months. Discuss these risks with seasoned parents or talk to a pediatrician to get relevant information. Once you have the facts right, you will be in a better position to care for your bundle of joy. 

Ensure good ventilation for the nursery

Another summer care basic you can prepare before the baby’s arrival is a well-ventilated nursery. Opt for the coolest part of the house for the new addition to the family. Ensure good ventilation in the room because fresh air is vital for newborns. Hang up heavy drapes to keep the bright daylight and heat away during the hotter months. You can switch them in winters because warmth is essential during the season. When the little one arrives, use air conditioners only at moderate temperatures. You can follow the doctor’s advice for the right settings. Let fresh air in when temperatures drop in the early morning and late evening hours. 

Choose the right clothing

It is a no-brainer as the right clothing can make all the difference throughout the year. Lightweight, loose-fitting garments are ideal for hot weather because they feel easy and comfortable. Pick natural and sustainable fabrics made from materials like protein fiber from soybean. The best thing about the fabric is that it is super-soft on the skin yet durable enough to give value for money. You can even add these clothing choices to your baby registry so that you have perfect gifts for welcoming the new arrival. Besides the fabric choice, look for light and breezy colors in baby clothing. Opt for ones offering ample coverage when you need to take the little one out for a walk or medical appointment.  

Invest in the right accessories

Besides the apt clothing, you must also invest in the right accessories for your precious prince or princess. Pick the right carrier to start with because its confining space can make an infant restless within a matter of minutes. Opt for a lightweight nylon carrier instead of one made from a heavy fabric like denim. A lightweight baby carrier is cooler and keeps the baby comfortable. Use it only outdoors, and leave the infant in an open cot when at home. You will need more essential accessories in summer. These include light cotton caps and soft booties to cover the infant’s head and feet when outdoors. 

Avoid outing during peak hours

Experienced parents and pediatricians recommend that you should keep a newborn indoors during the day. Avoid planning leisure outings with a little one, specifically during the first summer. You can leave the child home with a nanny or grandparents if you have something important to do. Even if you need to schedule a medical appointment, avoid the peak hours between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Plan them before or after these hours. Choose the cooler morning or evening time to take the infant out for a walk or a drive. 

Keep the little one hydrated 

Infants seldom sweat, but they can still lose fluids. Dehydration can be life-threatening for little ones, so go the extra mile to prevent it. Look out for red flags such as a flushed face, rapid breathing, restlessness, and skin warm to the touch. Little ones under six months should not drink water, but nursing more frequently can replace the lost liquids. Ideally, your baby’s fluid intake should be double the usual in the summer. Also, keep a check on wet diapers because urination also lowers the body temperature. 

Soothe the infant’s skin

Newborn skin care becomes extra-important in summer because the harmful rays can damage it more than adult skin. Seek out shade when you take the little one outdoors. You can use sunscreen for extra protection, but ensure that you have the right product. Seek recommendations for the product and application from a specialist, and steer clear of using adult sunscreen. Check for heat rash often, and apply a natural skin-soothing ointment if you notice any trouble. Keep checking vulnerable areas such as the folds between elbows, knees, and thighs.

You need not do a lot to keep your little one happy and comfortable in the summers. It is easier to dress and handle the baby during these months because you have fewer layers to manage. But protecting them from extreme heat is vital. A little caution indoors and lots of care outdoors can save the child from grave health issues. Follow this checklist, and you are all set to have a comfortable summer with your newborn, even as a first-timer.  

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