Smarter Ways To Store Your Cleaning Supplies Away From Children

Storing cleaning supplies under the sink is a common thing. Everybody knows it.

Wait! It means your children also know.

And we know it is not safe to let children anywhere near the cleaning supplies.

Children are curious creatures, and they may end up swallowing the chemicals out of curiosity.

You surely wouldn’t want that.

Don’t worry. Here are some safer alternatives to under-sink storage for your cleaning supplies.

Store Vertically Behind Doors

Cleaning supplies like brooms and mops can easily be stored behind closed doors. You can use hooks and spring clamps to hang brooms, mops, dustpans, dusters, and small scrubbers.

You can also install towel bars to hang spray bottles.

If you wish for removable storage, you can always choose to hang a shoe bag with clear pockets. You can store cleaner bottles, cloths, and brushes in these clear bags.

Besides, you can also use over-the-door storage racks with narrow shelves to store your supplies. For added safety, you can also add a bungee cord to prevent your supplies from falling down.

Create Extra Space In Your Cabinets

Well, we certainly don’t want to add more cabinets to your kitchen or storage space. Obviously, it can cost you hundreds of dollars. Besides, it might not be worth installing new cabinets just for storing your cleaning supplies.

But, you can double the existing cabinet space that you have.

Use separating tension rods to create compartments within your cabinet. It should help organize your cleaner bottles and other supplies.

Besides, for additional safety, you can use child-resistant packaging to store all the chemicals. So, even if you plan to double the cabinet space under your sink or in your bathroom, you’ll have the peace of mind that your kids can’t get to the dangerous stuff.

Use Caddies, Bins, Or A Rolling Cart

Adding a small utility cart or using caddies and bins is yet another way to store your cleaning supplies smartly. Not only would these be handy in organizing your supplies would also be easy to store.

Consider this; you need to clean off your kitchen shelf and not the rest of your room. Usually, you’d be storing your kitchen cleaners, floor cleaners, and all the other type of cleaners at separate places. And, of course, it can cost you a lot of time to organize and find them when you need them.

But, with the help of caddies or bins, you can store all your supplies in one place. Just put your supplies in a crate, load them on the cart, and put them away in your basement or under your stairs.

Besides, the cart will also make it easier for you to carry the supplies around the house. And not to forget that your supplies would still be in one place; well-organized and easy to access.

The Bottomline

Cleaning supplies are as dangerous as they are necessary for every household, especially homes with active kids. There’s no window for chances with kids when it comes to their safety.

And you’d want to be as protective towards your kids as possible.

So, make sure that you store your cleaning supplies away from your kids’ reach while also keeping them easily accessible for you.

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  1. July 21, 2022 / 09:16

    This is a great way to store your cleaning supplies away from children. It is a smart way to keep them out of reach and safe.

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