Exclusive Red Throw Pillows that Blends with Every Décor Theme

Red is one of the flashiest colors in the world. Most of the things we demand for today come in red. It is very common because it blends with the majority of colors, especially when it comes to interior décor. 

If you are looking for the perfect throw pillow that will blend with any décor theme, search no more, as we have compiled a list of red throw pillows with exclusive design. Our list consists of flashy, intrinsic, designer-like, and spectacular red pillows that will match the décor in your bedroom, living room, office, and more. Here’s our selection of exclusive red throw pillows:

Mermaid Scale Ladybug Throw Pillow


The Mermaid Scale Ladybug Throw Pillow is an outstanding and highly decorative red throw pillow. It features a scale design, which is all over the body. Some of the scales are black, and this enhances the design of the cushion. This red throw pillow will blend with almost any interior décor. It would transform the look and feel of your living space, leaving your visitors marveled at the spark in your room. 

With this cushion, you can add a fiery red spark to your living room, patio, bedroom, sofa, outdoor space, and more. It also has smaller sizes that you can use in your car and office. It comes in a square shape, and it would make your space comfortable, modern, and stylish. The outdoor option is made with polyester that is both water-resistant and stain-resistant. 

A Hero Inside Us Throw Pillow


The A Hero Inside Us Throw Pillow is made with high-quality fabrics that can stand the test of time. Thanks to its quality and durability, you will use this pillow for a very long time without having to stitch or sew any part of it. However, these red pillows are not known for their durability alone; it features an awesome design that will bring out the charm in any room. 

 The color mixture on this pillow is very attractive – black and red. The black dots also have designs on them that give the pillow a unique and mature look. With its design, you can use it in the sitting room, office, bedroom, etc. 

When it gets dirty, you can easily wash it by tossing it in the machine. It is also machine dryable, which means you will not have any issues cleaning it. This cushion is designed to steal the attention of the room, as it is very colorful and bright. 

Trust Yourself Red Throw Pillow


If you want to add luster and charm to your room, then you can trust the Trust Yourself Red Throw Pillow to do that for you. With the high-quality design on this cushion, it would steal the attention of anyone that walks into your room. It has a very beautiful design that you can stare at for minutes without getting bored. 

The material used to make this pillow is very thick and durable. The design will not fade neither will the color of the cushion, thanks to the quality print and die used. You can even wash it with a washing machine and the color will remain intact. The pillow also has a touch of pink, light blue, and yellow, which is a great color combination for any interior décor. 

You can use this throw pillow on chairs, sofas, beds, stools, couches, and more. This cushion is also available in three different sizes and two variants – outdoor and indoor. If you want to use it in your patio or backyard, you should opt for the outdoor variant. 

Fibonacci Red Mandala Throw


The Fibonacci Red Mandala Throw Pillow has a phenomenal design that will steal all the attention in your room. No one will walk into your space without noticing these red pillows, that is how flashy and beautiful they is. In addition to having a very beautiful shade of red, this cushion features an extraordinary design. 

The design of the cushion does not only look charming but relaxing as well. People who value art will appreciate and love the design of this cushion. The design is not just at the front but also the back. This beautiful color will also not fade out when you use it outdoors, thanks to the water-resistant outdoor fabric it is made of. The pillow also feels very soft and comfortable. 

Ornate Mandala Red Throw Pillow


We have another lovely red throw pillow on our list – the Ornate Mandala Red throw Pillow. This cushion has different shades of red with a touch of purple at the center. The design is cool and attractive. It can blend with almost any décor theme, and you can use it in different parts of the home

You can use these red pillows in the office, car, patio, and backyard. It is lightweight, soft, and comfortable. You can use it as a hand rest while sitting or a headrest while lying down. Having these red throw pillows on your bed will also add more charm to your bedroom. It is almost impossible to walk past this cushion without noticing its shine and beauty. Fortunately, this beauty will not fade away anytime soon, thanks to the quality printing on it. The fabric is also strong enough to withstand everyday use and abuse. 

Pattern Grunge Red Throw Pillow


The Pattern Grunge Red Throw Pillow speaks class. If you want to raise the standard of your living space, all you have to do is to throw this pillow on your couch, sofa, chair, or bed. Everything about this cushion is amazing –from the color to the design to the shape. 

It has a square shape, which makes it perfect for seat edges. It features a unique pattern with extraordinary artwork. You will love this pillow more when you hold it, as it is soft, tender, and comfortable. There are three different sizes from which you can choose – 16×16 inches, 18×18 inches, and 20×20 inches. 


Red throw pillows are highly noticeable, which is why you should always choose a decorative and beautiful option. Our selection will not only beautify your space but also make it feel relaxing and comfortable. You can find thousands of throw pillows with different designs, colors, styles, and vibes on the AllAboutVibe store.

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