Data Protection Advice for Your Small Business

Every business, no matter its size, needs to invest in securing its data. The fact is, data is vulnerable in many ways. First, it is vulnerable to attack because it is a highly prized commodity. Data in itself is big business, and that means your data is extremely valuable and in the wrong hands it can potentially be used in a very threatening way. It is also liable to corruption and loss if it is not protected securely. If you lose data, that could have just a big an impact on your business as having data stolen. So, that means you need to invest in ways to protect your data. 


Outsourcing to a reliable I.T. security company is a fantastic option for any small business that does not have the in-house skills. You will benefit from years of I.T. experience without having to hire a full-time professional, which can prove very expensive. You will save time because you, or one of your staff members, are not being pulled away from their general duties and trying to figure out how to secure a network. A process that is highly technical. Also, outsourcing will take a lot of stress off your shoulders as you will have that peace of mind that everything is being protected by the best in the business.

A Multi-Layered Security Solution

Due to cybercrime’s growing prevalence and sophistication, you need to make it as difficult as possible for a hacker to access your data. To do this, you should implement a multi-layered protection solution. Then you need to apply this to all the devices you may use, P.C., laptop, mobile devices etc. Multi-layered security solutions are able to block any targeted attacks on any area of your network. What’s more, an alert will pop up to advise you of the attempted attack and then you can then do something about it. You are simply making your systems more trouble than they are worth hacking into.

Encrypt your Data

By encrypting your data, you are making the data – that may be stolen during a breach or the theft of some hardware – impossible for the criminal to read. When they try to access your data without the encryption key, all they will see is a bunch of meaningless symbols. That’s great for you as you know that they can’t use what they have stolen, and you can also upgrade the breach area.

Protect Your Servers

When you store a lot of data, it may be a good idea to have a small room dedicated to your servers. It is a great method for ensuring that the temperature remains ambient for the servers to operate at optimum speed and efficiency. The last thing you want is your servers overheating at any point. That means that data centre cooling systems should be considered as they offer the protection in this regard that you require. Another plus of a server room is that you can install a backup power supply that keeps the data application running should you suffer from a blackout, for example.

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