A Simple Checklist for Revamping Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a key part of any home, but it’s also one of the hardest to redecorate and repair by yourself. You’ll definitely have to leave some things to the professionals, but there are plenty of ways to improve it on your own – here’s a simple checklist for revamping your bathroom.

Check the tiles

Most bathrooms will have tiles on the floor and walls, which are meant to be waterproof and completely smooth. Cracked and jagged tiles are not only dangerous but might let water leak into the flooring or foundations below, which can cause much more serious damage to the structural safety of your home.

Even if you can’t replace them yourself, make sure you mark out or not down any damaged tiles – this way a professional can come in and help you fix the marked areas.

Clear out limescale

Limescale isn’t harmful on its own, but it can reduce how efficient your pipes are while carrying water, which might make taps and showers notably weaker after a few years. Clearing the pipes out with a de-scaling agent will let the regular amount of water back through.

This will ensure that, when you’re completing any other changes like installing a new shower appliance that they will perfectly.

Upgrade bathroom fixtures

Old toilets are also one of the biggest water wasters in many households. Non-water-efficient toilets consume as much as 3 to 7 gallons of water in a single flush, and that doesn’t even do anything to prevent your toilet from clogging. On the other hand, water-efficient upflush toilets, has a built-in motor grinder to further breakdown wastewater and facilitate smoother drainage, preventing toilet clogs.

Work with a planning specialist

If you’re completely scrapping your bathroom and rebuilding it from the ground up, it might be best to work with somebody that can plan it out for you. Companies like Bespoke Interiors can even source most of the materials and furniture, which is great if you want to be sure that everything will match and look beautiful – this way you can also work with specialists that will implement your vision amicably and the design will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Maintaining healthy sewer and drain lines is important to have a clean and comfortable home environment. Sewer line repair can be frustrating for homeowners. Along with the unpleasant smell and messy cleanup, it can be difficult to find the root cause of your sewage problem. Only a professional sewer contractor can solve the issues.

If you live in an area prone to hard water, you’re probably used to looking at ugly hard water stains in your toilet and on other fixtures such as shower doors. Hard water stains make everything look dirty, but they aren’t dirt. The best way to remove the stains is to prevent hard water stains in the toilet from building up in the first place, and there’s only one way to do that: A whole house water filtration system

Don’t forget the smaller things

There are plenty of smaller items that you might forget to replace when redoing your bathroom: things like toothbrush holders and makeup mirrors are incredibly easy to overlook, but not having them around can be bothersome. If you store them away while you’re revamping the room, try to keep a note of where it would be best to place them to compliment your usual routine.

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