9 Ways to Decorate Entryway to Make a First Great Impression

It’s crucial to make an excellent first impression of your home, and entryway decor can help you do just that. The entryway is a space that is both useful and important, but it is often overlooked. 

The living room and dining room are where people expend all of their energy. But on the other hand, hallway decoration will undoubtedly notice the entry hall or foyer when they arrive home.

Would you like to greet yourself and your guests with a warm welcome at your home’s entrance? The following entryway decorating ideas will help you create a stylish, functional, and modern home entrance. 

Create Wow Factor

Surprise your visitors with unexpected entryway decor or something genuinely eye-catching and impressive. This could be a colossal chandelier, a colossal piece of wall art, or a glitzy large floor mirror. 

More permanent choices, such as wallpaper or attractive floor tiles, can also create a “wow” effect. This is the place where you can take a chance and make a lot of noise!

Personal & Welcoming Entryway

It’s nice when you walk into your house and immediately feel at ease. A favorite item, a written quote, a frame with a family photo are the best options. A gallery wall with family photos can also help to make your entrance feel more personal and welcoming. 

Your guests may not appreciate the wedding photo as much as you do, but they will find other things to be cozy and inviting. For example, small and comfortable pillows on the bench, along with flowers in a vase, will make the entire room feel welcoming.


Pendant lighting, lamps, and sconces are required at the entrance. But they can also use as entryway decor to create a unique lighting environment. A chandelier or pendant, a table lamp, a floor lamp, sconces, or a combination of these are all options. 

When you want to impress, a nice ceiling light is always a good choice. In addition, a large chandelier can give the space a dramatic feel, especially if you have a double-height entry hall. 

Organized Entryway

When choosing entryway decor, remember from A to Z. Even if it isn’t decorated, a well-organized space is always welcoming and inviting. If you have a lot of clutter, consider adding some storage to hide it. 

It’s critical to have enough room to store shoes, bags, coats, umbrellas, and anything else you’ll need when you go outside. This way, you’ll be able to find them quickly, and your guests won’t be surprised to see a mess when they arrive.

A storage bench, some attractive baskets, a cabinet, or even a closet are all options.

Decorate Your Entryway With Seating

There isn’t always enough room in the entry hall for a seating area, but when there is, it’s fantastic! For those who live there and for visitors, it’s inviting. 

Most people usually prefer benches because they take up little space, but an accent chair or a love seat would look fantastic. And add some personality to the room if you have a few extra square feet.

Bring In The Runners

Rugs are essential in high-traffic areas and can have a significant impact on the space. People usually use runners or round rugs as an excellent accent, depending on the room’s shape. 

Tip: Indoor/outdoor rugs are preferable because they are more durable.

Add Greenery

You should put some greenery in the entrance as well as other rooms. A plant can’t fail in any setting. It goes a long way to have something alive and organic. 

Because of their green leaves, plants transform a drab space into something beautiful and inviting. Bring nature into your home, and it will blend in perfectly.

A Rack or Hooks!

You can choose from a wide variety of wall coat racks and hooks to instantly change the look of your wall. Small, large, hidden, sculptural, or simple years colors can transform your wall into a work of art. Moreover, it is without taking up any additional space or exerting any effort.

Be Bold & Colorful

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright and neutral colors. Of course, neutrals are great and can look fantastic, but your home’s entry is the ideal place to try something new. 

You will not become bored or overwhelmed because you will not spend too much time in the room. You can even paint a wall red or use a bold pattern on a colorful wallpaper! Nothing is off-limits.

The Bottom line

All of the above are meant to motivate and inspire you to decorate your entryway. You can use one, two, or three different types of entryway decor at the same time to wow your family and friends.

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