Creative Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Secure

Your home should be a place you feel safe and comfortable. Decorating is usually the first thought in everyone’s minds when they move into a new home, but home security should be a top priority. With these creative tips, we’ll help you put the fun back into making your home feel secure.


Windows are often the most common entry points for burglars. Unfortunately, the manufacturer locks and latches on windows can sometimes be ineffective or flimsy. If you’re concerned about your windows, increase security with locks or key-operated levers.

Don’t stop at the locks and latches. Investing in shutters for windows can give you that all-important peace of mind as well as keeping out curious eyes. Shutters are beautiful enhancements to any property and have become a popular choice for people when they need extra privacy or protection in their homes. They’re also great for keeping out the heat in the summer and insulating against cold air during the winter months. 


Are your exterior doors strong enough? When it comes to security, you want to make sure you have a door that can withstand attempted tampering and break-ins. 

Timber and uPVC are the most popular choices for doors in the UK, and both have great qualities for security. However, if your want a highly secure exterior door, then composite is the way to go. Boasting the benefits of several materials for that added security; glass-reinforced plastic, insulating foam, wood and aluminium. Composite doors are incredibly durable and weather resistant while offering the highest level of protection.

Another vital tip for exterior doors is to add lighting. Criminals don’t like to be in the spotlight, and it’s easy to keep them at bay with ample outdoor lighting. Installing lights along pathways and other outdoor structures will help you see when you need to go out at night and give you that extra layer of security.

Security Systems

You are less likely to become a victim of a crime in the home if you have a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm system. The best alarm for you will depend on your personal preferences. Take the time to think about your budget, what level of protection and response you’re after before deciding on which alarm system to buy

The types of alarms available are: 

  • Bell Only: The most common type, these alarms make a noise but don’t contact anyone.
  • Smart Home Systems – When these are activated, they contact you or family members through mobile or tablet app.
  • Dialler Alarms: When triggered, they automatically dial your phone or another nominated number.
  • Monitoring Contracts: Here, you pay an annual or monthly fee for a company to take action or call the police if the alarm is activated.

Besides alarm systems, you could also look into security cameras. Wireless cameras can be fitted both inside and outside the home and come with an app where you can log on to see what’s going on wherever you are. Many wireless cameras come with the added bonus of motion detection and microphones, alerting you to any movement large enough to be human. That way, you don’t have your phone going off every time the neighbour’s cat decided to nap in your garden.

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