Top spices for beginner cooks are here!


“Cooking is not difficult. Everyone has taste, even if they don’t realize it. Even if you’re not a great chef, there’s nothing to stop you from understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn’t.”

 – Gerard Depardieu 


Cooking is an overwhelming experience that gives you the exposure of playing around with a line of spices, seasonings, and herbs. Where most professional chefs find cooking as their first love, almost every newbie to the cooking world sees it as a never-ending challenge. But that’s where the ultimate fun of cooking begins. 


Wherever or whatever is your culinary skillset, there are plenty of stable spices which can make you cook like a pro chef in no time. It sounds like a dream to most newbie chefs, right? Well, that’s possible all with the help of introducing some exciting range of spices to your kitchen area. 


Don’t believe our words. Instead, surf through these spices, give them all a try and see the difference yourself. 


Spice no. 1 – Ground cumin seed


Cumin is one of the most common and essential spices used in almost every cuisine type. This contains the essence of Mexican, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern spices the most. It brings a refreshing and robust taste to whatever you cook. All you need is to remain familiar with the right quantity. 


Spice no. 2 – Kosher salt


For once, you can get over a sweet dish, but that’s not the case with a salty one for sure. Now, most of you must be thinking, how come salt comes under a herb or spice? Well, it’s not, but the upgraded version of salt can be considered as an eminent spice in your kitchen. This makes it an excellent time to ditch that ordinary iodized salt and stick to something like kosher salt, which has many minerals and nutrients. Plus, you can blend it with cracked black pepper, garlic powder, Hungarian paprika, etc., to create a unique spice for your signature dishes. 


Spice no. 3 – Smoked spices


Who would not want to have a unique flavor to their favorite cuisine, especially when it’s prepared at home? Well, everyone would. And that’s what the smoked spices help you get. Such spices are the perfect choice to get a restaurant-like taste forever. From the chipotle pepper to the smoked acceptable sea salt, there is a complete range of smoked spices available online to buy and try. All you need is to make a list of spices you desire, and you are halfway there to get this collection of spices in your kitchen. Moreover, smoked spices come with a range of benefits for the human body. Then why not give it a try for real? 



The final takeaway –


Cooking is all about preparing a perfect blend of available spices and herbs, which leads your taste buds to the next level. This is no less than art that teaches you the real meaning of keeping a neutral balance of herbs and spices in whatever you cook. All such factors make you a chef in real life.  

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