Premenstrual Anxiety- 5 Ways To Handle It Naturally

Even as you menstruate the month after month and year after year, handling your period can be a challenge. Cramps and bloating aren’t the only issues you have to deal with. Anxiety is a more daunting problem as you seem to feel edgy and lethargic through those days. The stress can take a toll on your sleep and mood, and you end up feeling miserable. The first step to deal with the problem is recognizing it. Period anxiety is real and not a figment of your imagination. Thousands of women deal with it. Fortunately, you need not worry about the condition because it is easy to address naturally. Here are some tried and tested measures that can help. 

Try aerobic exercise

Exercising when you are in pain may not seem like a feasible thing to do. But it can make you feel a lot better by releasing endorphins, the stress-busting chemicals. Aerobics is an excellent form of activity because they boost circulation and relieve cramps. Try doing them throughout the month, and you will feel less anxious and lethargic during menstruation. Join a group activity if you find it hard to stick with the routine. 

Get relief with relaxation techniques

When it comes to beating period stress, nothing works better than relaxation techniques. The best part is that you have many options to choose from. Breathing exercises and meditation are a good start because you can do them anytime and anywhere. Ask your partner to give you a relaxing massage. Using essential oils will make you feel even better. Join a yoga or tai-chi class and get rid of period anxiety for good.

Seek solace with cannabis

If your struggle seems to worsen month after month, you need a more tangible measure to address it. Cannabis does wonders for pain, stress, and insomnia that come with monthly periods. Dabbing is the best method because it offers quick relief and lasting benefits. You can start by picking the product that works for anxiety relief. Invest in a dab rig kit, and you are good to go. But you need to understand that different ones work for newbies and advanced users. Research a bit before getting started. 

Load up on carbs

You may follow the advice of steering clear of carbs throughout the months, but you must load up on them during your period. A diet high in complex carbohydrates curbs moodiness and food cravings during PMS. Include healthy variants such as whole grains and starchy veggies. Foods rich in calcium can also serve the purpose, so have milk and curd to stay happy.

Feel good with sleep

Sleep makes you healthy and happy, and you need it even more during your period. Take measures to maintain your sleep routine so that you do not miss out on it during those days of the month. A cup of herbal tea at night can give you multiple benefits, from inducing sleep to relieving painful cramps and alleviating anxiety. Steer clear of alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes to get sound sleep.

Managing period stress is easier than you think. You need not see a doctor because these remedies work for most women. Just track your symptoms and try these measures for the best results.

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