What is an After-Hours Clinic?

Can one ever be too prepared for an unforeseen medical emergency? Especially in the current state of our world’s health, it’s more important than ever to be aware of your physical health. Showcasing symptoms of COVID-19 can be a scary thing. Unfortunately, hospital beds are overflooding and with the number of COVID-19 cases in hospitals, there aren’t as many spaces for patients with other medical condition symptoms.

Medical emergencies can occur anytime of the day or night and depending on your symptoms, you should always have an emergency doctor’s number on hand.You never know when a bump to the head might be a serious concussion or when a deep cut might become infected. There are loads of different healthcare facilities available near you. Not sure what kinds of healthcare facilities are available to the public? check out this list.

But what do you do when your general practitioner’s office is closed when you have a medical emergency? It’s during any time of the week that you can visit your local after-hours clinic. 

What is an After-hours Clinic?

Typically, doctor’s office hours are open on week days between 8am and 5-6pm. Patients have to make an appointment to see their doctor beforehand. Because some doctors are very busy and have multiple patients, you might not get an appointment with them within a reasonable timeframe. This usually result in a delayed appointment, having to book with a doctor who isn’t your home general practitioner, or patients having to wait in the waiting room hoping for a spot to open up. 

An after-hours clinic is a medical facility that is open when the doctor’s offices are closed. Usually, at night and early mornings as well as over the weekends. Patients can go to an after hours clinic in Augusta, GAwith any medical conditions you’d usually see your doctor for. 

It’s not quite for medical emergencies like serious car accidents or heart attacks, but for general medical cases that needs a doctor’s opinion and immediate attention. Cases like a sprained ankle, food poisoning, stomach cramps, ear pain or wax blockages needing Cleaner Ears, or acute pain are types of conditions you’d go to the after-hours clinic for.

Benefits of After-Hour Clinics

One of the top benefits of this facility is that it eliminates the lengthy waiting time associated with emergency rooms. Waiting in an emergency room for a doctor to look at a sprained ankle or an intense stomach cramp can become static and stressful. Emergency rooms usually put patients in the waiting rooms on a priority list, when someone enters with a deep gash on their leg while bleeding profusely, they will get priority over a minor medical condition. 

Luckily, after-hours clinics make it possible for patients to receive the same kind of care as they would at the doctor’s office, with the great benefit of it being after-hours. Patients don’t need to make an appointment, just like with an emergency room, patients can drop in at any time to receive assistance. 

When you don’t feel well late at night or over weekends, you don’t have to endure the entire evening only to see a doctor the next day – given you get an appointment of course. After hour clinics can provide you quality care as soon as possible. You and your family’s health are a priority to these establishments in that they make sure you are cared for when your doctor is off duty. 

It’s important that you save the number and address of your local after-hours clinic. Whenever you have aren’t feeling well. When you do experience an unforeseen medical emergency, you should follow proper emergency steps and contact a professional establishment for assistance immediately. Here are some tips on how you should handle a medical emergency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz8azAFjw_4

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