Vortex Sparc 2 VS Strikefire 2 best red dot review

Red dot scopes are essential not only for hunting but for many other tasks. It would help if you had a red dot for making your target clear and easily achievable.


There are many red dot choices available in the market, but you have to pick the best one so that you can enjoy your passion.


There is no such difficulty finding the best red dot if you know what to check while buying a red dot.


We have two best red dots named Vortex Sparc 2 and Vortex Strikefire 2, and these two are the best in performance.


But as we all know that everything has pros and cons, they both have some positive points and drawbacks, and you need to be very clear about them.


Some specifications can be considered before buying a red dot, and these specifications are essential.


We will discuss the vortex sparc 2 vs strikefire 2 review, and we will find the best red dot for you.


Price of Vortex Sparc 2 VS Strikefire 2

When it comes to the budget or price, we find out that both the red dots have the same price and fall in the same budget.


There is no price difference between these two red dots, and the most important thing is they are very affordable.


We can consider both of them as under-budget scopes so that everyone can buy them because they are very affordable.


We have many more scopes that are the best, but they are not so affordable, and we can consider them the expensive contents.


No doubt, they are good in performance, but we need to keep ourselves under a budget, and for that, we have to choose the affordable and the best red dot scope.


Brand name

The same company manufactures these two scopes, but they are very different in design and features.



But if we have the same company, then we must know the worth of these two scopes, and we get to know that both of them are durable and reliable.


This company aims to give the best product while considering the price and quality of the product that’s why these two scopes are under budget.


As we mentioned above, they differ in design and features so that we can have a variety of scopes or have a variety of choices.


Glass clarity and brightness

The same company manufactures these scopes to have similar glass clarity and dot brightness.


We have got the best brightness that can easily be seen in the daytime so, these are good to use 

in day time due to the heavy intelligence.


Then it comes to the glass clarity, and we have the best and clear glass in both of them. When you have clear glass, you can achieve your target very quickly.


So, if we consider glass clarity and brightness, we find both red dots the best. And we can go for both of them.



Here is something that can be different in both of the red dots. Weight is the most important thing to be considered while buying a red dot.


Sparc 2 is lighter in weight which means you can easily carry it, and Sparc 2 is a compact red dot sight that is considered the best thing.


Then it comes to the Strikefire 2; we have seen that this scope is heavy and more prominent in size, which is somehow a good option or maybe not.


Some people like to have a compact scope, but some love to have a bigger one due to the clear vision and large view angle.


Additional features

First of all, we will discuss the sparc two then discuss the importance and additional features of Vortex Strikefire.


In part 2, we have adjustable height, and this is a good option about this scope and a positive point for many beginners.


But we cannot find this option in strike fire 2; we have some different features present in that pretty different scope.


We have two different colours in strike fire 2 that are green and red, and we can switch both of them at any time so, it is a positive point.


And the other thing which is good about strike fire 2 is the large viewing angle which is very easy for beginners and professionals.


The best thing about this is you can achieve your target without wasting your time and bullets so, and it is a good option.


Minute of angle (MOA)

The last but not the minor thing is MOA which stands for a minute of angle, and these scopes may have different MOA, and we will discuss in detail.


When we talk about sparc 2, we have seen that it has 2 MOA, or we can say that this is a 2 MOA red dot.


But when it comes to strike fire 2, this is a 4 MOA red dot sight with two colours of scope that are red and green, and they can get easily switchable.


Wrap up

Having a red dot is not an option, but it needs perfect shooting or hunting. We have a variety of manufacturers who are offering their products.


But we have to pick the best affordable and suitable one for the user so that there are many things to be followed.


We have discussed many differences and specifications that can make a scope best or worst to decide which one is suitable quickly.

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