5 Ways to Save on Tree Removal

Tree removal is an expensive exercise. However, if you know a few hacks that can help you reduce the overall cost, it doesn’t have to be. There is also a saying, “you get what you pay for” therefore, for the best services, the cheapest bid should be your last priority.

Technically, doing it yourself may even leave you spending more money than you would if you hire a reputable tree service company to do it for you. Tree removal is dangerous and hazardous hence it requires highly trained personnel and specialized equipment. 

Considering your budget, you undertake several practices and still spend lesser. This article will discuss 5 ways to save on cost when removing a tree from your yard. 

The Average Cost of Tree Removal

Before you learn of the various ways to save on tree removal costs, it is crucial to understand the overall cost of tree removal. The average price of removing a tree in Australia is $871, as per the GoTreeQuotes. 

The average cost for individual jobs varies from $350-$5000 depending on various factors. Expect to pay around $300 to $850 to remove a medium-sized tree 19 to 24 feet. Smaller trees under 12 feet will cost you a minimum of $100 to $250 and a $2015+ for larger trees above 36 feet. 

Some of the common factors that might affect these prices include; location, size, accessibility, and complexity. Go here for more detailed cost information.

The 5 ways to save on tree removal cost include:

1. Schedule the Tree Removal in the Off-Season

The best time to schedule tree removal is in winter. When tree services are in high demand, the cost is as well higher. Therefore, if it is not an emergency nor urgent, it would save you some cash to schedule the project in the off-season. 

Just like all other professionals, certified arborist do not reduce their prices when they have numerous jobs. When there is a lesser business, they will charge lesser to keep the business going. 

However, it is essential to note that the cost will vary depending on other factors like location, complexity, the time required, tree size, to mention a few. Generally, if you want to save some cash, avoid summer, spring, and the earlier parts of fall.

2. Clear the Debris Yourself

This is another good way to lower the cost of tree removal. It is not a simple chore, but it doesn’t require experience to handle. Most companies choose to handle the debris at the same time as they do the job. The act of cleaning as they proceed helps the employees to keep the process systematic. 

There is a cost attached to debris cleanup, hauling, and management since they have to take their time and deploy various equipment to get the job done. If you choose to handle the job yourself, the company is likely to charge you less. Make sure to inform the company while they are giving the quote in the order they are sure not to overcharge you. 

Even though this job will not take you a day, eventually, bit by bit, you’ll get everything done.

3. Consider Your Firewood Needs

If you use firewood in your fireplaces inside or outside the house, it is important to put that into consideration. Tree removal involves way lot of after tree falling services, one of which is firewood hauling and cutting. 

If you let a company dispose of the firewood for you or cut them neatly and stack them safely in place for you, you’ll pay for the service as well. Consider doing this yourself. In cases where the tree is small, then you can cut them into pieces yourself. 

You can request the arborist to cut the limbs and trunk into manageable pieces for larger trees, and you can go on and cut and arrange them later by yourself. This will save you money on labor and what you would have spent buying firewood from a seller. 

Remember, there are various places to which you’ll need this firewood. If you leave them to dry, you can also cut them when you need to smoke meat or create a bonfire when you have your friends around.

4. Get Multiple Quotes

Most tree removal companies offer free removal quotations. This is where they assess the job requirements and charge you accordingly. Since they are free, you have nothing to lose; instead, you are advantaged in that you get a chance to choose that which suits your budget. 

Comparing prices helps you to get an overall price landscape. You can even get a better deal that is way below your budget from a reputable company. However, it is important to consider such factors as reputation, insurance, professionalism, and safety when comparing bids from different companies. 

This is where you research whatever company is recommendedto you by friends or family. Check on the reviews and customer satisfaction from their site. 

It is also essential to ask about bulk discounts. Do you know a friend or a family member that needs tree trimming or removal? Do you have a neighbor who needs services from a tree company? Do you own multiple lots? Consider such factors before getting a quotation. 

If a company can knock out multiple jobs from the same site, they save energy, fuel, and time for transportation and doing the job. That advantage for both of you, therefore, negotiates a better price based on these factors. Sure enough, you’ll get a good discount, thus saving on cost.

5. Go for Regular Certified Arborist Services

One of the best and most convenient ways to save on tree removal is not needing to remove a tree at all. There are many reasons why you may need to cut down a tree, may it be dead, diseased, infested with the pest, or even pose a danger to the health of other trees or the people. 

You can avoid all this by investing in the trees early enough. Ensure your trees receive seasonal attention from a qualified, certified, and highly skilled arborist. An arborist can detect a tree problem before getting worse and advise you accordingly on the right step to take. 

By doing regular assessments alongside healthy trimming, soil care, and pruning, you’re lesser likely to encounter unnecessary tree removal in the near future.


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