How to Clean Your House Quickly and Efficiently

Your house is the place where all your stories begin. To have a fabulous beginning, it is necessary to keep your house tidy and fresh. But some of us might not like to clean up our houses even though we all love it a lot. 

So, is there any way to clean the house quickly and efficiently? Let’s check out some awesome tricks from cleaning services Birmingham to accomplish just that.

Work on the whole house

You can really boost your work if you plan out the tasks. Once you have started with a single task in a room like dusting or mopping, go for the whole house. If you clean up one room at a time that will take you a lot of time if you shift your work. 

So plan out what to do first and go for the whole house. Once completed for the complete house, move on with the next task.

Move the Clutter

Clutters lying here and there can really slow you down if you plan to clean up the house fast. So, before you start go through all the rooms you got and clean up the clutters. Magazines, toys or any of the small stuff lying around needs to be cleaned up first. This will give a great field to work effectively. 

Also while you remove those clutters, you can have a check on what to put back to the right place and what to remove for good.

Rally up all your tools

Suppose you have started cleaning from one room of your house. Suddenly you realise you left the scrub in another room. The broom is in another one. Won’t that be really frustrating if all your tools are spread across the house? It will also take extra time to fetch those while you work. 

So, before you start with your work, make sure you have gathered all the tools you need in a convenient place. You can also use a bucket to gather them and keep them with you. Good management of cleaning tools can really help you work super fast while you clean the house.


Dusting is a crucial part of house cleaning. Before you do that, make sure there is as low airflow in the room as possible. Before you start dusting be sure to turn off the fans or anything that can blow the dust back at you. Make sure to focus on the top of your furniture and underneath the shelves. You can use a mop, broom or microfiber clothe for the complicated places.

Cleaning the cleaning tools

Tools such as brooms, mops or even your vacuum cleaner can get dirty from time to time. You sure cannot expect a fast and effective cleaning with a dirty set of tool. So make sure to clean your handy tools routinely so that they can guarantee you a superior cleaning performance.


Cleaning the house can be a really fun job to do. It can be even more fun if you can turn it into a group activity. It will not only make your work effective but also reduce the time required. The tips suggested in the article will also help you clean your house super fast. So, before thinking any further, why don’t you suit up and get on with the house cleaning?

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