Tips on Choosing A Moving Company

Moving can be quite stressful. Most people do not look forward to it but sometimes it is necessary to do so. The good news is that it does not have to be so stressful; at least the part of physically moving the items if it is done properly, in a timelymanner and professionally.

Moving can be of different types. The most common type is residential where a person or family move their personal effects from one place to another. This can be local that is within a state or locality. It may also be interstate and for some, it may be international.

Other kinds of moving include commercial moving which involves moving an office from one location to another. This can also be local, interstate, or international. It is also possible that you move things other than a house or office. You may need to move other kinds of items like antiques, arts as well as paintings.

Moving also involves a lot of things. This can include packing and shipping, storing of items, delivery as well as organizing. When moving your stuff, you need a reliable company to do so for you. This is because some of your stuff may get missing or even stolen in transit if not done properly.

Also, if the handlers are not careful, some of your stuff may get damaged. To avoid this, you should only hire a trustworthy company to handle your move. Asides from the fact that your property and items will be safe and properly handled, they will also insure them.

Choosing the Right Moving Company

Although nothing is hundred percent guaranteed. Factors beyond the mover’s control can come into play but you have a greater assurance when you choose the right company. This means that your items will arrive complete and in one piece and not be lost, broken, or damaged.

They will also arrive on time and will not wind up at the wrong address or in the wrong state. A distasteful thing that some moving companies do is give you an extra bill instead of honoring estimates. They may also ask you to pay for hours that they did not work.

With a good moving company however, you will avoid any of this drama and have your items delivered correctly. To this end, how do you choose the right moving company?

There are even specific types of moving companies to suit peoples preferences. For instance – all women removal teams or a senior moving company aimed at older adults.

Get Referrals and Recommendations

Looking up moving companies on the internet or in the phone book can be quite tasking. To make things easier, you can begin your search by asking for recommendations from family members, friends and colleagues. If they have used a moving company before, they can recommend a good one for you.

You may also ask a real estate agent for recommendation if you happen to be working with one. They will most likely know one or two good companies to recommend due to their experience. You can also ask them about movers that have piqued your interest while you were searching on the internet.

Carry Out Research

Keep in mind that a large ad or a beautiful website does not equate to legitimacy or excellent service delievery. While these are good to have, you should still carry out the necessary research. You have to find out about a company before entrusting them with your properties.

You can make a list of prospective movers to work with and then contact them. You can get details such as their name, address, years of experience, as well as references. You may also read reviews about them on various websites including the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, you may look the company up on professional websites that cater to carrier safety.

Get Different Estimates

It is common for movers to provide free estimates to potential customers so do not settle for the first estimate you get. Rather, request estimates from at least three or more companies. Bear in mind that before they can give you a quote, the company will want to see your stuff first.

Some movers prefer working with estimates that are non-binding. What this means is that you will be charged based on the products as well as services rendered. You will also be charged based on the weight of your stuff after this is loaded onto the truck. In addition to this, some may consider the distance that you need to travel. 

On the flip side, a binding estimate guarantees a final cost. This means that you will pay whatever amount quoted regardless of weight, products and services rendered or distance traveled. The advantage of this type is that you will know upfront how much you are paying and will not experience any surprises. You can learn more about estimates and how movers calculate costs here.

Visit to Your Premises

Bear in mind that a mover will tour your premises including your living spaces and other areas to conduct an estimate. Although estimates received online and over the phone are convenient, federal laws require that a mover conduct an in-home estimate.

A representative of the company will visit your home or property and will survey whatever you are moving. They will give you an estimate when this is done. You should endeavor to show the representative everything that you plan to move. They may ask many questions in order to get an accurate idea of what needs to be done. You are also free to ask them any questions you may so as to clear any doubts you may have.

Beware of any estimate that is markedly lower than others. This can indicate lower service quality or that a mover may be trying to scam you. Moving scams are real so watch out for them and avoid them.

Ascertain What is Included in the Estimate

Different companies have different moving plans and methods. You should endeavor to find out what is in the plan you are choosing. Will they provide only a truck and you will need to do the packing, loading, transporting and offloading? Will they be handling everything from start to finish or just a part of it?

Also, enquire if packing supplies like boxes, tapes, blankets, etc. will be made available. Will fueling be included in the cost or is it an extra cost? Knowing what the plan is about will easily help you to decide what to do. It will also help to avoid a waste of your time or unexpected surprises.

Beware of Red Flags

You should watch out for potential red flags during estimation to avoid moving scams. For instance, a trustworthy company will not request that you pay an upfront cash deposit. If the representative also acts unprofessionally by showing up late,unsure of what to do, or does not answer your questions, you need to be wary.

Additionally, you may need to be wary of a moving company that shows up in a rented truck. Most reputable companies have their own branded equipment and trucks. Scammers will often show up and once the goods are in the truck, request huge sums before they release your properties. Thankfully, there are avenues available to help victims of moving scams but it is best to avoid the stress and trauma.

Ensure The Mover is Licensed and Insured

Taking steps to know that the company you are dealing with is licensed and insured cannot be overstated. Being licensed and insured is part of a good reputation. It means they are answerable to necessary authorities and care about their clients.

You can verify this by various means whether you are moving intrastate or out of state. As for insurance, you may ask the company directly about this. Insurance serves to indemnify you in case of loss, damage, or any unpalatable situation.

In addition to the above, you can ask the moving company if they have accreditation. Accreditation helps to give you more confidence in the mover. This is because many associations screen and assess companies to ensure their legality before approving their membership.

Find Experts in What You What to Move

There are various things that you may need to move. Asides from personal effects, you may need to transport delicate and precious stuff such as artworks, mirrors, antiques, jewelry, gym equipment, etc. It is not all moving companies that can handle these items.

Some companies have specialization in moving, storing and handling these types of items. You should reach out to them instead if that is what you want to transport. You will typically find this information on the moving company’s website or when you read reviews. You can find more tip on selecting the rightmover here


Moving homes or any other belongings from one place to another can be daunting. This is especially so when you do not have the right people handling your move. To avoid surprises, scams, or any form of stress, takes steps to find a reputable moving company.

Start by asking for referrals, carrying out due diligence and beware of any red flags. Also, if you are going to be moving specialized and delicate items, look for companies that are experts in handling these items.


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    It sure was nice that you suggested reading reviews about a moving company on websites including the Better Business Bureau. This is a nice tip for us because we are planning to move in our to our new house next week, and we need help with our belongings. We want to have peace of mind when it comes to the safety of our valuables, so we will be sure to consider all your tips.

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    Thanks for pointing out the importance of choosing a moving company that’s licensed and insured to make sure that they have a good reputation. We need to hire help that can help us moving all our belongings to our new house. One of our priorities is to have peace of mind that all our valuables would be handled with care and won’t get damaged during the move. Thanks for sharing this.

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