Switch to Menstrual Pants- a Revolutionary Solution to Everlasting Problem

Gone are the days when tampons and disposable pads were the only sanitary options. Mommies have used these products throughout their life, and have passed on the trend to their children. But, not anymore!

With the advent of modern technology, women entrepreneurs have been shaping the lives of the fairer sex. These women are spreading awareness about reusable products like period underwear, popularly known as menstrual pants. And, why not? It’s about experimenting with newer products while safeguarding Mother Earth.

Now that you’re reading about menstrual pants know that period undies are relatively new. Yet, it turned the keen eyes of women fashionistas as they talk about the presence of plenty of brands, styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. 

“Period underwear is a good option for girls who don’t wish to employ intravaginal products like cups and tampons.” Melissa Kang, Welcome to your Period co-author

However, many women are resistant to its use since they fear discomfort or leaking, the Associate Professor of the University of Technology Sydney says. Another thing to note here is that the period stigma is alive, and many people argue over the introduction of new-fangled products- all thanks to perceptions (open-minded women call it mindlessness). 

Now there’s so much said about the revolutionary solution period undies have come as. Another question that triggers most minds is how to do these pants work and what benefits women will receive once they switch to them. Can’t wait to lay hands over newer product knowledge and pass it on to your daughters? Well, why wait when you have the choice of getting started.

How do menstrual pants work?

While period underwear can look like traditional underwear, the only distinguishing factor is the fabric. Yes, these underwear have extra microfiber polyester layers that are excellent for blood absorption and moisture prevention. Thus, there’s no contact with your vagina and skin, and you no longer have to worry about leakages onto your clothes. There are different period underwear available, just like other menstrual products. All you’ve to do is select an effect based on the heaviness of your flow. 

The 24-hour use, entire front, and back protection layer, odor trapping layer, and water protection layer are some benefits of using menstrual pants, the experts suggest. But we’ll get onto that a little later. The fabric technology varies across different brands, but the entire essence is to absorb fluids, prevent leaks, and move moisture away from the skin. 

Who can wear period underwear?

Menstrual pants are an ideal choice for any woman who wants to try them. However, it is especially beneficial for women who struggle with:1. Heavy bleeding2. Incontinence3. Irregular bleeding4. Dysphoria through menstrual products

What are the advantages of menstrual pants?

Period pants come with numerous benefits. Some of these find severe discussions by the people who wish to try it or lay hands on it. If you’re a newbie who wants to try menstrual pants, the bound edges associate with the new-fangled products are:

● Disposable Underwear:

Instead of using sporting pads and doing away with them, you choose to stick them onto panties. This menstrual lingerie soaks blood effectively and pledges to give you 12-hour protection. Sanitary pads, on the other hand, give you only a defense of up to four hours. 

Also, you don’t have to invest in pads and keep these dynamical each hour. Thus, all you’ve to do is obtain disposable underclothing that works in soaking blood altogether. 

And, believe when they say, it’s a significant change!

● Cost:

“The cost benefits of shifting to reusable menstrual products can never be discounted.”

Professor Beverley Vollenhoven, Monash Health Head of Gynaecology

Period panties are more like a one-off purchase, which is far better than buying pads and tampons every month. Many women question the number of pairs they require, to which experts say it differs from person to person and their differing blood flow. Many people one team during the day and change it for night-time protection. Since these are washable and easy to use, you no longer have to worry about the pocket-digging costs associated with one-time use products, like sanitary pads.

● Free- Bleeding:

Most often, people feel uncomfortable with the panty-clamped pads, in that case. Tampons are even more painful. Also, now that your date is approaching, your question, “can you wear a menstrual cup when not on period” so that you play safe in case the date strikes suddenly. 

But, with period panties, you can bleed freely without worrying about stains. What’s more, is that you’re wearing menstrual panties is similar to your other undergarments. This ensures you don’t face any discomfort while bleeding. You can wear these days before your cycle starts without facing any pain. 

The injury-free idea connects with most ladies, and this pain-free experience makes period undies beneficial.

● Fights Foul Smells:

Menstrual panties associate with complicated technology, which means these work wonders in fighting off the foul smell that comes with the period. Sanitary pads, too, are associated with technologies for forestalling the odor from oozing out. 

Additional advanced technology can stop the smell from going out of the pants. So, with free bleeding, you have the ease of saving yourself from the budding embarrassment that comes out along the smell. 

And, this is exceptionally beneficial for you, ladies!

● Ideal for Traveling:

If you’re on a countryside expedition, you should look nothing beyond period panties for menstruation. The reusable products are reusable, comfortable, and very convenient. With these undies, you can bleed freely and don’t need to worry about changing them every hour. 

Plus, you can take it out at any time, which makes the process pretty easy for you. Thus, period panties are like a blessing in disguise for traveling girls.

● Has a better absorption ability:

Menstrual pants work in absorbing over the regular panties. Studies reveal that these absorb ten times more than tampons and menstrual cups. Thus, the switch becomes easy and quite convenient for ladies. The added protection enables them to remain dry for extended periods. The best bet is that it is a uniquely designed pantie pant, ideal for your routine and menstrual days.

● Suitable for the Environment:

Are you an environmentalist? If yes, then you’ll surely prefer free bleeding instead of using panty liners, sanitary napkins, and tampons. 

Thus, you’re all in for period pants as these are eco-friendly, and you call a massive hurry for this.

Know that the disposable pads take a hundred years to break down, as they have plastic coverage. Thus, period underwear helps reduce sanitary waste. Landfills, too, will see a lesser amount of these if you switch.

● Discharge:

Women, you’re very well aware that blood isn’t the sole fluid- down there. You can have an active vaginal discharge if you aren’t on birth control pills. However, the thickness and texture may vary during the cycle parts from icky to thick and watery. 

A period panty works in these circumstances also because of their super absorption power. The pants can collect all the liquids in the best manner and save you from leaking, which thin pants don’t do. 

Your Turn

Mommy, have you tried this period underwear? Have you taken out time to spread awareness to your daughter about the undies? Oh my, you still haven’t? Well, you’re running late on your mum’s duties. Incorporate the same into your daughter’s monthly cycle and watch your kiddo unleash the benefits of using this superior product. 

Don’t forget to try the menstrual product to share your thoughts further!

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