Top 5 Best Practices for Efficient Cloud Application Migration

These days, app development  is designed within the cloud. But what about a company  that wants to move older applications to the cloud from it’s previous computing environment?

Well that’s why we’re going to talk about Cloud Application Migration and the most useful practices for pulling it off.

Why Your Company  Benefits

Some in the crowd are probably skeptical. And understandably so, cloud migration is a complex process that takes time. Once sorted your files and data have these amazing outcomes:

  • Accessibility increases
  • Storage and backup is no longer an issue
  • Cost effective data handling
  • Increases ability to respond to market changes as quickly as possible
  • Using software to automate repetitive tasks to save time

Cloud Migration Practices That You Need

Custom software development companies  have done their best to create solutions that benefit any entity that’s looking to digitize. But it’s easier said than done. Let’s go over the best practices that also work for mobile app development.

1. Don’t Leave Your Staff Out of the Loop

You need your team to be well equipped to deal with these changes. Training them needs to be the first priority otherwise you’ll end up with regular outages and other problems.

2. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Rushing the process is another expensive problem to solve. If you want to benefit from cloud application migration then you need to identify which ones are critical to your operations and which aren’t.

Once you’re clear on that, only migrate those that are not critical to operations. This way the software development won’t interfere with day to day work

3. Cover Your Legal Bases

It’s not uncommon to run into legal trouble when carrying out this process. Development companies have ended up attracting trouble when not considering this aspect. Do your best to look into any conditions that have been set up by the applications developer. 

At times this is as simple as asking for permission. At any rate try to track the licenses you have available.

4. AI is Garnish Not the Main Dish

What I mean when I say this, is that there’s a limit to automation. Every task can’t be handed over to the software and provide good results. 

Only basic tasks with a monotonous or highly simplified nature can be automated. Your company can end up performing at a loss by overdoing the automation.

5. Research! Research! Research!

Before you commit to anything you need to do a deep dive into the available cloud service providers around you. Not only is this important for the actual process, but for further support as the use of the Cloud progresses.

Since problems are inescapable there will be times where a well trained expert on the support team will be necessary. Do your due diligence and look into which custom software development firm has the most helpful support team.


Cloud computing is truly the way forward for any company trying to maintain it’s competitive edge. The solutions offered by custom software make this process smoother than before. Integrating applications into the cloud has big dividends to offer when invested in properly.

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