10 Tips to Choose the Right Birthday Floral Arrangement for Your Party

Planning a party is both challenging and fun, especially if you’re doing it for yourself. There’s a lot to do, including deciding on the venue, guest list, food, and more. However, the part you’ll enjoy the most is choosing a theme that you like.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, be sure to allocate enough time for each task, so you have room to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances. You can find many checklists online as a guide to ensure you don’t miss out on any essential item.

A vital element of the event is the floral arrangement. Flowers can set the mood for the occasion. Colorful, fresh blooms will brighten up the room and make the atmosphere livelier. Create a unique presentation so it’ll be a talking point and conversation starter.

If this is your first party, here are ten tips to help you create the perfect decorative setting for the occasion.

1. Buy Local

Look for a local store that supplies flowers for birthday delivery. Dealing with a florist in your neighborhood allows you to visit the outlet to check what’s available. 

You’ll also want fresh blooms for your event, so the shorter time it takes from the farm to your location, the better.

Having a supplier that’s close to your venue also means that you can pick up the flowers yourself or get someone to do it in the event they can’t deliver.

2. Choose an Experienced Florist

The other criterion for selecting a flower provider is their reputation and experience. It’s a special occasion, and you don’t want anything to go wrong with the decorations.

An experienced florist will also help with valuable suggestions based on your party’s theme and the image you want to project. 

Besides offering professional advice, the floral expert will also be able to take care of the setup, ensuring everything is done correctly.

3. Stick to Your Budget

The right flower arrangement should be one you can afford. You’ll want to choose blooms that set the mood, yet don’t blow your budget.

Many types of blossoms convey similar messages, so you can select suitable alternatives if your first choice is too expensive.

4. Keep the Theme in Mind

The type of arrangement will also depend on whether the event is formal or casual. You can have your choice of flowers, but it’s vital to organize them in a manner that creates the right tone for the occasion. 

It’ll be an advantage to get a professional to set it up if it fits your budget. Alternatively, you can check online for ideas and decorate the venue yourself.

5. Know Your Guests

When selecting flowers for the event, be aware that every bloom has a different meaning in various cultures. While it’s difficult to cater to everyone, try to avoid offending any guest because of what a blossom represents in their society.

Another issue you’ll want to avert is your flower choice causing an allergic reaction among your attendees. Your florist should be able to advise you on this matter. 

6. Consider the Placements

Knowing where you’re going to place the bouquets will determine what type of centerpieces to choose. 

For circular tables, you’ll want arrangements that’ll look great from every angle. However, if you’re using rectangular furnishings, it’s best to have more than one ornamental piece to maximize the available space.

7. Other Decorative Ideas

Tables aren’t the only places for flowers. You can decorate a wall with blooms. For instance, you can use roses in the shape of a heart or blossoms to form words such as “Happy Birthday, Name.”

How about having floral arrangements outside the venue to welcome guests? You could also place bouquets at the entrance where the attendees sign the guestbook.

When decorating, make sure that you stick to the theme so that nothing will look out of place.

8. Know the Birthday Celebrant’s Favorite Blossoms

It’s a memorable day for the person celebrating a birthday, so what could be better than filling the venue with their favorite blooms?

You can’t go wrong selecting flowers that the celebrant loves.

9. Flower Symbolism

All blossoms have unique meanings, so you can choose the ones representing the theme and message you want to convey.

If love is the focus, here are several flowers you can consider for your arrangement.


Before you go and order roses, you should know that they come in various colors, and not all of them represent love. Only the red ones say, “I love you.” The pink blooms mean happiness. 

It’s best to avoid dark crimson and yellow hues for birthdays because they symbolize mourning and jealousy, respectively.


Carnations are also colorful, and each hue has its unique meaning. For instance, the white flowers symbolize pure love and the pink ones let the recipient know you’ll always remember them.


These lovely purple blossoms represent faithfulness, loyalty, and devotion.


Red chrysanthemums tell the recipient that you love them. Avoid adding the yellow blooms into the bouquet as they mean you’re slighted. 


The jonquil may not be a well-known flower, but it carries a deep meaning of undying love.

10. Birth Month Flowers

If you don’t want to learn the symbolism of flowers, you can choose the blooms for the floral arrangement based on when the celebrant was born.

Here’s a brief list of the blossoms that represent each month of the year:

  • January – Snowdrops and Carnations 
  • February – Violets, Primroses, and Irises
  • March – Daffodils and Jonquils
  • April – Daisies and Sweet Peas 
  • May – Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn
  • June – Roses and Honeysuckle
  • July – Larkspur and Water Lilies
  • August – Gladioli, and Poppies
  • September – Asters and Morning Glory
  • October – Marigolds and Cosmos 
  • November – Chrysanthemums
  • December – Holly, Narcissus, Poinsettia

If you follow the above suggestions, you’ll have the perfect floral arrangement and a birthday party that you and your guests will remember for a long time to come.

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    I loved that you said that roses come in various colors, and they represent love. This is something that I will consider because I am planning to surprise my mother with a party on her 50th birthday. What I want is to find a florist that could arrange the best flower arrangement for her, so I will be sure to see a reliable florist within the week.

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