Equine CBD- How To Get The Best Benefits For Your Horse

Over the years, CBD has emerged as a great pet wellness aid, helping horses, dogs, and cats live longer and healthier. Equine CBD is also becoming popular these days, with a growing number of horse owners embracing it for the benefits it offers. It can relieve pain, aid digestion, and alleviate anxiety. Further, it can also help owners with behavioral management, a common concern you may face with a stubborn and moody animal. However, you cannot expect to derive these benefits unless you follow some rules. Here are some tips that can help you get the best from equine CBD. 

Choose the right method of administration

The biggest challenge of using equine CBD is administration because it can get tougher when you have to handle an animal of this size and strength. Oral dosing of CBD oils is the most common form used by horse owners. You can place a few drops under the animal’s tongue or rub it on the gums, though it may not be easy if you have a stubborn or rowdy horse to deal with. You can consider using it in the pellet form, which can be mixed with the daily feed without much effort. Some manufacturers even offer equine treats that the animal will relish. You can try a CBD salve for skin disorders, muscle aches, or joint pains. 

Opt for a quality product

If you want the best outcome with a CBD product, you have to prioritize quality. It is also critical from the safety perspective because you will want to be extra sure when using it as an option for horse colic treatments, pain relief, or any other medical condition. Discuss the treatment option with your vet and get recommendations before you get started. Look for a tested product from a trusted seller. You can go the extra mile by going through online reviews or seeking advice from other horse owners who use similar products. It is worth spending a bit more to get the assurance of safety and quality.

Nail the perfect dosage

High-quality CBD works within minutes if you administer it correctly, but everything boils down to the right dosage. Like humans, dosing may depend on individual anatomy and tolerance levels. But you can follow some basic equine dosage recommendations to nail the perfect quantity for your horse. Horses respond well to a dose of 50-60mg for pain issues, while 20-30mg is adequate for anxiety and behavioral problems. You can start with a low dose and gradually increase it. You may administer it once a day or divide it into two doses. Factors like the size of the animal and specific ailments can make a difference. Seek recommendations from vets and other owners to get a fair idea about the optimal dosing. 

Equine CBD may be a new experience for you and your horse, but it can do wonders if you manage it properly. Picking quality products gets you on the right track. Just make sure that you understand everything about safety in dosage and administration, and you are good to go.

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